3 Proven Steps to Help You Quit Smoking in Less Than 30 Days

The Truth About Quitting

So you want to quit smoking.

Well to be frank with you quitting is not easy.

I have interviewed ex-smokers, I have seen the statistics, I have read books, articles and I have experienced the “quitting” myself.

Although not easy, it’s doable and not impossible. And with the proper change of mindset, you can even make the quitting period challenging and fun.

The withdrawal period is the ultimate test whether you will come out a winner (non-smoker) or a loser. It will test your patience, endurance, creativity and strength.

But without the proper mindset, it is truly difficult to pass the withdrawal stage. We both know that, because if not, you wouldn’t be here reading this book.

In order to make life easy during the withdrawal stage, you must change the way you think about smoking.

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Your addiction has made you to believe that in order to live normally, you must have that substance consistently in your system. It has made you to believe that life will not be the same without nicotine.

And the only way to quit your addiction is for you to replace these wrong beliefs with the correct ones. And the first step is for you to accept that smoking is causing adverse effects to your life; both physically and financially.

Forget about the side effects of quitting smoking, it’s just a myth and it’s not life threatening.

The mindset of a nicotine addict is difficult to change. But with the right approach, strong desire and motivation it can be done. I am confident that if you follow the 3 ways I outlined below, it will greatly increase your chances of quitting within the next 30 days or less.

1. Change Your Beliefs and You Will Change Who You Are

How the mind thinks and reacts is governed by our beliefs; beliefs that we learned at home, at school, at church and in our society.

Certain beliefs which were impregnated deeply in our mind are going to be difficult to change or alter.

But by applying auto-suggestion and by saturating the mind with new information, it will eventually crack and accept the new information that it is being fed to it.

Your addiction to nicotine has led you to believe that life will not be the same without it. Smoking has deeply rooted itself in your day-to-day activities that each time you do something, the urge to light a cigarette is triggered.

Most smokers believe they can’t drink coffee without a cigarette. They believe they can’t read the papers without a cigarette. They believe that smoking is a good reward whenever they have done something worthwhile within the day.

All these beliefs are wrong and you know it. If you want to quit your nicotine addiction you need to believe otherwise so you could move normally in life. And the only way to change these beliefs is to replace them with the right ones.

Reading quit smoking and self-help books, is a good way to saturate the mind with new information.

It won’t be easy at the beginning and it is expected that your mind will resist.

This is the reason why majority of smokers will always say “I already know that,” whenever you show them books or articles about quitting. Their minds are closed like a box.

I myself tried to avoid them simply because I find it hard to quit. And since I failed to quit so many times, my mind was made to believe that these things will never help me quit.

It was only when I read the book of Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), that I realized, in order to change your mindset, you have to feed new information to your mind.

You can get a free copy of this book on this webpage read the article or go at the bottom of the page – unstuckyourlife.com.

You have to read and say to yourself the things that you want to believe over and over again until it is accepted by your subconscious mind.

One quit smoking book that I highly recommend is the book written by Allen Carr – The Easy Way to Quit Smoking.

This book will advise you not to extinguish your final cigarette until you are done reading. It’s ironic, but the methodology used by the author is powerful.

It will clear all the false myths that you were made to believe. It will discuss them one by one, chapter by chapter. And once you have realized and accepted that smoking is nothing but just an addiction at the end, the author will tell you now to extinguish your final cigarette.

The author claimed that he was chain smoking 100 cigarettes a day at the peak of his smoking career. Smoking 100 cigarettes a day poses a great risk on anyone’s health. With that number of cigarettes being consumed each day, I am very sure his lungs were crying for mercy.

The author also admitted that hypnotism helped him quit from 100 cigarettes a day to zero a day. It was also then that he discovered the “Easy Way Method” which brought forth in writing his book.

Although this book didn’t help me quit, it was my companion (and up to now) during my two smoking relapses.

2. Your Ultimate Goal is To Quit

Use Quit Smoking Aids if You Have To

When my grandma quit smoking in her early sixties, she just extinguished her final tobacco, threw it and quit like nothing happened. She smoked for years but when her doctor advised to quit or else her condition will get worse, she just threw her tobacco and quit.

She was the only person whom I have witnessed quit cold turkey without any signs of suffering from any withdrawal symptoms or side effects.

When it was my turn to quit, after smoking for 24 years, I couldn’t last the day without lighting a cigarette.

Was I just too weak or was I just too addicted to nicotine?

I never found the answer to that question but during that time I really need to quit smoking.

I was being consumed by my own fear and paranoia about this having a lung cancer.

My cough was so severe, I could hardly breathe at night and then one time I spit out blood. I thought I was suffering from the worst lung disease, fortunately the blood came from my throat which was wounded because of my continuous coughing

Although I can’t quit on my own, my desire and motivation to quit was really strong way back then. I was having all these silly ideas on how to control my cravings.

I thought of going to a rehabilitation center, I thought of asking my wife to drop me on a very far away camping site where I can’t buy any cigarette or I’ll just chain myself inside our house like a dog.

Then one day while I was filling gas, I saw a nicotine patch displayed at the counter. I’ve heard about it before but I never thought of using it.

The urge to buy it was strong but I was reluctant at first, questions and doubts were popping out of my mind. If cigarette has made me addicted to nicotine, what more will this patch do to me if it’s going to deliver pure nicotine in my system?

I researched the Internet and found favorable outcomes from those who used it. So I bought it and after using it for 3 days, I finally stopped using it and quit cold turkey.

I didn’t follow the step by step program of the nicotine patch. Like I said, I just needed something that that will help me quit for a day or two then after that I know I’ll be able to quit on my own.

I know many people are saying that cold turkey is the best way to quit. But that’s bullshit, if you can’t quit on your own.

People have different personalities, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses.

What works for others may not as well work for you. I can’t quit cold turkey but I was able to quit using the patch. I am a non-smoker now and I am happy with it.

It’s just propaganda saying that the NRT products are not the best way to quit, this discourages smokers in using them so they keep on smoking.

Take the example of my Grandma, she can quit with a snap of a finger. She never lit any tobacco again in her life until she passed away at the age of 95.

If you can’t quit on your own, then you have to use other methods and use viable products out there in the market to help you through the withdrawal stage.

If I didn’t use the nicotine patch, I could’ve been suffering from permanent damages now like emphysema.

You will find other quit smoking products in the market.

Allen Carr in his book admitted that he was able to quit successfully through hypnotism and it was then that he came up with the idea for his successful book. So find what will work for you, do some research, talk to ex-smokers until you find the method that will help you quit.

3. Establish Connections

It’s Your Insurance against Smoking Relapse

I had 2 smoking relapses before I finally committed myself not to smoke again.

When I founded this blog (Quit Smoking Blog) I finally had a pillar which I could lean on. Aside from this blog I’m also subscribed and participating actively with other similar sites and forums.

I realized when I took my second relapse, staying connected with other quitters and non-smokers is crucial. Keeping quit smoking and self-help books on my shelves is as critical as well.

The first time I quit, I was so proud of myself I gave away all my quit smoking books and materials, then I forgot all the blogs and websites I subscribed to. Big mistake.

Then all of a sudden BAM!

I had a relapse and I found myself back in square one. Damn that one stick I told myself.

After a few months, I stood up, dusted myself and bought a box of NRT product, but this time I used the nicotine gum and quit again successfully.

Then after a few months, my second relapse occurred. I was drunk, someone tied a big rock over my neck and pushed me over the cliff.


Again I found myself smoking one pack a day. I told myself this is insane, I have to quit permanently.

It was then I finally realized I need to stay connected. I need something to remind me of my foolishness so I will not repeat them again. I need people around me who speak the same language that I do. So I founded a blog.

Again I quit using the nicotine gum, although it was becoming easier to quit, I also discovered that it’s also becoming easier to relapse – it was becoming a habit and I need to end it.

So I bought new books, I subscribed back to quit smoking blogs and websites. Finally I put up my own blog not only for my own support but to help other smokers as well.