Four Days Without Nicotine and I Feel Good

It’s been four days since I last lit my last cigarette. My taste buds improved, my hands, clothes and mouth no longer stinks and saved myself a few dollars. Not bad I guess and I have no regrets. I gave up nothing actually and gained so much in just four days after quitting. The more I feel my body recovering the more my desire to quit smoking permanently is strengthened.

To be honest, I still feel the withdrawal symptom of nicotine inside my body. The things associated with smoking still triggers the desire for me to smoke each time such association happens. Just like what happened a few hours ago. I was tweaking the code of this WordPress theme that I’m using, when I got stressed up and consequently it triggered a desire for me to smoke. But with the help of deep breathing, a glass of water, self-suggestion, and the affirmation to quit smoking for good easily relieved that desire. Although it lasted for 4 – 5 minutes, after that everything reverts back normally. Remember, this will not last forever, as the days pass by the desire goes weaker and weaker.

If you are a casual smoker or smoking heavily, I know that somewhere deep inside you or a part of you wants to quit. Please stay with me through this blog as I document my experience how I quit smoking.

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