Finally I Decided to Quit Smoking for Good

Today I finally decided to quit smoking for good and stop this non-sense vice once and for all.  Yesterday night I made my last puff of that filthy, stinking and expensive cigarette. Actually this is my third time to quit, so I am starting this blog, not only to remind me not to touch those cancerous things again but also to help other ex-smokers not to slip and smokers to quit for good as well.  Trust me, to the smokers who think quitting is impossible, you are wrong, quitting is possible.

If you are a smoker and want to quit, please subscribe to the site’s feed.  If you are an ex-smoker, please share us your experience, tell us your story, submit them and we will gladly publish it as long as it is acceptable to the public.  We respect your privacy and depending on your request, we can omit your name, use a pen name or publish your name and place a link to your website if applicable.

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  1. Dickies says:

    i have not been smoking for about 2 years now thanks to nicotine patches and a lot of self-discipline. the withdrawal symptoms i got from quitting smoking was not nice though.

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