Seven Days Without Nicotine and Getting Better

I feel better, I feel great and I can breathe deeply in my lungs without that tight feeling when you take too much air. But for those who smoke, well it’s the same, they can’t breathe well and their mouth stinks. Their day won’t start good without a cigarette and with that kind of life, I don’t envy them.

I’ve saved roughly 17.50 (US $) for seven days without smoking, well if you’re a smoker that money means nothing to you and you could just imagine how awful that cigarette is affecting your life.

No matter how old you are, it’s not too late to quit. Smoking is slavery and we both know that, I am here to help you but you have to help yourself. Whether you like it or not, if you quit you have to undergo the withdrawal stage.

Without the proper conditioning of the mind it will be difficult, but if you will perceive it as healing process things will be easier. And the good news is withdrawal period is not painful.

One of the reason I get why some smokers found it difficult to quit is because of the smokers around them and they feel deprived when they see someone smoking. Honestly it was the same thing I felt before but if you will condition your mind the right way things will change.

Observe a smoker as he smokes, observe very carefully and you will pity him. Look closely how a smoker engulfs that smoke into his lungs, sometimes he will cough, but he doesn’t mind it. Now imagine you are that person, engulfing that carbon monoxide inside your lungs, do you feel deprived? Of course not, that nicotine addiction is the one that makes you feel that way.

There are hundreds of clinics and books out there about how to quit smoking. They will condition your mind properly, use hypnotism maybe, self suggestion, but the one who will decide in the end is you.

I never attended a clinic, I never used any hypnotism, but I conditioned my mind properly. I kept on reminding myself the reason why I NEED to quit. When I first quit in September 2006, I never thought I could do it, but I did and so can YOU!

I will document and share my experience when I first quit three years ago, I went from 30 cigarettes to 0 (read my full story about me quit smoking for good). Those days during my withdrawal period are unforgettable and hopefully by sharing them, you can prepare yourself what you will expect when you quit. Don’t miss those posts, subscribe to my feed.

Have you finally decided to quit smoking? Share us your plans in the comment section.

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