Smoking Trap – Guard the Unguarded Moments

Yesterday right after writing a few articles for my other blogs, this funny feeling came over me; the sound of a tiny little voice hovered over my ears saying, “you’ve accomplished something reward yourself, light a cigarette.” I just smiled, it was a temptation as expected, when I was a still a smoker I’ve always rewarded myself each time I accomplish something by smoking. Although such incident or temptation does not occur frequently now that I am an ex-smoker, what I would like to point out here is that every ex-smoker should guard oneself from being lured again into this filthy vice.

Watch Out for The Unexpected.

Unfortunate and unforeseen events are the most likely cause of being lured again into smoking. The passing of someone, being laid off, family problems, separation, and other events than can bring forth enormous stress in your life can make you vulnerable. And in these times, you should be more aware of what’s happening around you, if someone offers you a cigarette or get the craving to smoke again, think, think and think. Smoking will never reverse or change anything that has been done. Don’t ever fall for the biggest LIE that smoking will relax and clear your mind, it’s the opposite of it. The first cigarette will feel and taste awful, but once your addicted again, you may think it feels good because your just suppressing the withdrawal symptoms from your body.

Social Gathering BEWARE.

If you will read the “about me” page, I slipped twice because of social drinking. You should always stay alert when your drinking, alcohol is the best friend of cigarette and every smoker knows that except from someone do who do not drink totally. After the two incidents, whenever there is a social gathering and smokers are present, I do my best to limit the alcohol I consume or abstain totally. In my personal opinion, if you’re an ex-smoker, it’s not bad to drink, just make sure you won’t slip into smoking again. If you recently quit smoking, it is recommended that you don’t drink in the company of smokers, it’s not just the craving thing, your smoking friends might also tempt you into lighting a cigarette again.

The Feeling of Being Deprived

During the first days when you quit or long after you quit, you might get the feeling of being deprived every now and then, don’t fall for this sinister trap, again this is a big lie! Look around you, non-smokers are not being deprived of anything, it’s exactly the opposite. The smoker is the one who is being deprived, deprived of good health, normal living, concentration, and freedom. This feeling will go away, don’t pamper it, instead suggest to your mind that this is just a subtle trap to lure you back in smoking. You have done your best to quit, you’re now a freeman, do all that you can to preserve this healthy living rather than go back to a lifetime misery and slavery.

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