Quit Cold Turkey – Effective Way in Quitting Smoking

Cold turkey is one of the most known effective and inexpensive methods in quitting smoking. When we say quit cold turkey, it simply means quit smoking the natural way using no artificial means in combating the habit and addiction brought by nicotine or smoking. No patches, no gums, or no nicotine replacement therapy whatsoever; instead of using those artificial methods, you use instead proper mind conditioning, deep breathing, water therapy, strong will, personal help etc.

How Difficult is Cold Turkey

After slipping, Allen Carr finally stopped smoking cold turkey from 100 cigarettes to zero…

Quitting cold turkey to some are very difficult to do and it takes time to be successful in doing so. Let’s say you are smoking 30 or more cigarettes a day and quit abruptly to zero, to a smoker’s view point that is an achievement worth recognizing for. From my experience, I tried patches but in the end I found myself just where I was from the beginning, smoking again those filthy cigarettes. I tried so many times to quit, tried so many replacement therapies and slipped. But in the end soon as you get familiar with your adversary, quitting cold turkey will be a very easy thing to do. Trust me, it’s all about proper conditioning of the mind. Although I know lots of people who quit cold turkey right from the beginning without slipping, my grandmother is one of them, after smoking for 30 years, she quit smoking cold turkey and never smoked a single tobacco in her life again. She’s already 95 years old and very much strong today.

Why Quit Cold Turkey

There are many benefits in quitting cold turkey, first of all because it is inexpensive; you quit smoking at once using no drug replacement and this will save you a substantial amount of money. Secondly, the chances of slipping back becomes slim. When you quit cold turkey, you pass through the withdrawal stages (symptoms) of nicotine from start to finish, in short as soon as you quit you will have overall total control of yourself. Remember, in our previous articles, it is the way how you will condition your mind that would make your quitting easily. Finally, it’s the nicotine here that we are freeing ourselves, why prolong the agony if you would still undergo the withdrawal stage, knowing that the replacement drug you are going to take will still be the same drug that hooked you.

Important Thing is You Quit

No matter what your choice maybe, replacement therapy or cold turkey it’s your call. The important thing is you quit! I am not against these replacement things like patches and gums, they also have helped many smokers quit successfully. But in my experience, majority of successful quitters I have known and met are the ones who quit for the last time using the cold turkey method. If you quit smoking cold turkey it’s free and it can be done anytime, you may need some practice in doing so just don’t loss focus on your goal in quitting. If you fail, quit again again and again, learn from your mistakes and do it until you succeed.

I have quit, so do they, so are hundreds of smokers around the globe and so can you, believe in yourself, don’t be weak, quit smoking today!

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