The Joy of Knowing Someone Who Quit Smoking

I met one of my smoking buddies two days ago and it had been months since I last saw him. We talked about how life has been passing by and I asked him if he still smokes and to my great surprise he told me he already quit about a month ago. “That’s good!” I exclaimed to him and asked how he was able to quit. He told me his story and I thought it’s worth writing a post about it in this blog.

Since my buddy (his name is Caloy) became a heavy smoker years back, he got this cough that never left him. He described how awful each time his cough would attack him, clearing up the phlegm in his throat, chasing his breathe and you could just imagine the shame he would feel if this attack happened in public places such as movie house, elevator, restaurant etc. He also described the hardship in waking up in the middle of the night coughing severely and gasping for air yet he continued reaching out for those filthy cigarettes. As the years went by his cough got worse and finally a month ago he decided to quit; so worse was his cough that he succeeded in quitting that filthy vice once and for all.

Laughingly, he was very happy to tell me about the money he is now saving. His cough now gone, the stench of cigarette in his mouth, fingers, clothes and room has also disappeared completely. While listening to him, I could feel the joy that I first felt when I quit smoking years back. Something I never thought I could do, yet I was able to quit and now here is another person who quit recently and it’s like a miracle to be free from the slavery of smoking.

If you are reading this article, now is the time to quit. Don’t doubt yourself, you are stronger than what you think you are, I did it, they did it and so can you.

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  1. Steve Harold says:

    I think it always helps to take inspiration from where we can. These guy is not only better off financially and enjoying better health, he has proven that you can stop smoking

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