The Myth that Smoking Feels Good

When we first tried our first cigarette, it taste awful, it stinks, made us dizzy and gave us a feeling of guilt. We felt this disgusting experience because we were not yet addicted to nicotine so there were no withdrawal feelings to suppress so at the beginning, smoking causes a “bad feeling..”. After continuously inhaling this poisonous substance, our body soon becomes addicted to nicotine so in the absence of this highly addictive drug we feel awful and the only way to make us feel better is for us to smoke and replenish the nicotine that was lost in our body. As soon as we get our kick, as soon as we puff that cigarette we say to ourselves “that feels good…” and this is myth that smokers must know if they are to quit successfully.

The Lie that Smokers were Made to Believe

Smoking does not and will never make a smoker feel good or any better, the feeling of emptiness, of something missing and misery are all withdrawal symptoms that are felt when a smoker’s body craves for nicotine. So in short this awful feeling is caused by nicotine itself when it leaves the body, so in order to relieve this, a smoker must have a cigarette. After getting his kick or supplement of nicotine in his body, the smoker is made to believe that it is making him feel good. This is a lie that every smoker is facing, the feeling that elevates a smoker is caused by the same drug that will make him miserable again when the nicotine level drops in his bloodstream.

The Real Way to Make You Feel Good

The only way to really feel good and to find your bliss is to break the cycle completely. Quitting smoking is not painful, withdrawal will cause you irritation, misery, depression, emptiness but these things are all but temporary. The only way to make you feel the way you were before you started inhaling those poisonous and addictive substance is by removing the nicotine from your body completely. The withdrawal stage is a cleaning process, the first three days after extinguishing your last cigarette are the worst but after that things will be bearable and after two to three weeks after quitting, you will finally say “this really feels good…”. Don’t doubt your decision to quit, you are here because you want to and trust me you can quit smoking for good.

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  1. There is no better feeling then the feeling of kicking the habit successfully. I was a heavy smoker for 7 years and successfully quit 13 months ago. I have never felt better. The time to quit is now! Do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones.

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