Ways on How to Quit Smoking Successfully

If you are waiting for a magical moment when you would wake up one day feeling great not wanting any cigarettes, that day will not come! Trust me it won’t, rather you would just wake up one day with a terrible disease or a cancer for that matter if you won’t stop smoking the soonest possible time. It needs great desire, determination and effort if you want to quit smoking for good and be free from nicotine addiction. You can quit for free by quitting cold turkey or you can quit by buying certain quit smoking aids, some may be expensive but in the end, think about the money you will be saving once you have quit smoking successfully.

Read Quit Smoking Books

Books are the most useful resource when it comes to quitting smoking. It discusses everything from beginning to end and tackles all topics about smoking. How a person starts to smoke, how he is deceived by advertisements, how he becomes addicted then at the end the author provides instructions and steps to be taken in order to quit smoking. Although some books relies very much theoretically some are based on the experiences of the authors themselves, and who else could give you the best advise around but the ex-smoker himself. There are so many books about quit smoking so choose carefully which one to buy. You can search online bookstores such as Amazon.com for quit smoking books, read the summary and the customer reviews or visit your local bookstore. Based in my experience, I recommend the book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking – By Allen Carr, despite having different opinion with the author regarding use of substitutes or replacement therapies, I recommend this book.

Use Replacement Therapy

Replacement therapy helps you to quit smoking gradually and most well known products are patches and gums. These products when used will give your body nicotine, this is made in order for you to quit or control the smoking of cigarettes in order to avoid carbon monoxide going inside your body which is the cause of leading diseases. After the habit of smoking cigarettes is controlled, then the use of nicotine substitutes is gradually lessened and soon stopped. Nicotine patches have different programs or steps depending on your tolerance and dependency with nicotine so it is advisable to know carefully their offered products or better still see a doctor.

Some authors are against these nicotine substitutes, it is nicotine that you are trying to quit so why go for nicotine if you want to quit nicotine? Personally I have nothing against these patches or gum, I have known several people who quit successfully and I myself tried nicotine patches before quitting cold turkey and helped me in the process of quitting. Again it’s best to see a doctor before using them.

Attend Quit Smoking Clinics

Stop smoking clinics will let you interact with a counselors or therapists. You will attend sessions, it may be twice or thrice a week depending on the chosen or offered program. Counseling still proves to be useful as you interact with an individual thus giving you direct motivational and moral support. Although for some smokers find it uncomfortable opening up due to shyness specially talking to other people but this must be overcome, always stay focused on your goal in quitting smoking. Although clinics are a good choice, it may be costly and expensive and clinics are not always available in certain areas.

Quit Smoking Programs

So as the heading says it is a program, it means a combination of 2 or 3 methods or more outlined in this article. So it can be Ebooks or audio books (self-suggestion) together with some gums or patches and vitamins. Quit Smoking Clinics usually are also considered programs. They give you the reading materials, consultation, and seminars. But clinics vary from one another, some clinics will not advise nicotine substitutes while others will recommend it. So because it’s a program, you have to follow step by step procedures that they will give you, some programs will offer online consultation while others will just provide you the materials that you need to quit. Remember, it’s your desire to quit that would make you successful in quitting.


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have become popular methods of helping smokers quit cigarettes. It varies from individual to individual if hypnotism will work but I read many stories where hypnotism has helped smokers quit smoking. The main objective of hypnotism is to help the smoker cope up with the withdrawal stage, instead of feeling remorse, the smoker will be able to use the withdrawal symptoms positively to help him quit smoking. The therapist or hypnotist will suggest useful and helpful suggestions to the smoker’s subconscious through hypnotism and once the smoker becomes awake, the suggestions made during the sessions will be followed consciously or unconsciously by the patient. This is also the same with self-suggestions and autosuggestions which will be discussed later.

Self-suggestions and Autosuggestions

Do you believe that saying something over and over again to yourself will materialize to the extent and according to your faith? Do you also believe that saying something over and over again will soon be accepted by your mind as something true? Self-suggestions and autosuggestions have made smokers addicted to nictotine through advertisements, movies, TV programs etc. so it is but right that we use this method the other way around to help smokers stop their nicotine addiction. Well, it’s not my expertise to explain this or to prove it but all I can say is this kind of method has helped many smokers quit the addiction including myself.

These are useful tools and it is a must to do no matter what choice of quit smoking method, program or aid you use. If done correctly, you can quit smoking cold turkey and you won’t even be bothered by nicotine withdrawal symptoms. self-suggestions and auto suggestions work the same as hypnotism, the only difference is that these suggestions are planted in your mind when you are awake consciously.

Almost all quit smoking books gives high importance about giving suggestions into your mind. By reading something repeatedly it enforces your will to achieve what you want to achieve. Take for instance, I have read the book by Allen Carr – Easy Way to Quit Smoking at least four times now (as I write this article) and I still read some important chapters and paragraphs I highlighted from time to time to avoid the sinister trap and temptation of smoking. Books are nice companions to have them around when you need some boost.

Another thing you can do is to write down your reasons to quit, the benefits you can get, inspirational words or lines that you have read or encountered. Keep on reading them daily until you convince your mind that you have to quit smoking for good.

You will soon realize that the withdrawal stage is not so difficult after all. Keep on reading these notes of yours during the withdrawal stage and even after quitting, let them sink deeply in your subconscious mind. After that keep them somewhere safe and handy just in case you might be tempted. Trust me, this is an effective way on how to quit smoking successfully.

Now you understand why having a good quit smoking book around you or in the shelf of your library at home is recommended.

Join and Subscribe to Quit Smoking Blogs and Forums

Joining quit smoking Web sites such as subscribing to a blog’s feed (if not yet made, subscribe to my feed) or joining forums is another way to help a smoker quit smoking. In my own personal opinion, the support that a Blog and a Forum provide can help smokers quit, these Web sites can ignite or start a strong desire for smokers to quit the habit and addiction. We might also say that these Web sites are good supplements when you are quitting and when you have already quit. You can get a lot of stories, experiences, tips, suggestions and advices to help you quit.

Quit Cold Turkey

MY FAVORITE and I highly recommend it. It’s the cheapest and one of the most effective ways to quit smoking. When I first quit successfully I first tried nicotine patches but never finished the program, after using the patch for five days I finally quit cold turkey. This method is the most inexpensive way to quit smoking. But preparation is very important, self-suggestion and autosuggestion must thoroughly be used. Although there are people who can quit abruptly (like my Grandma) not all people can do it. Please read my post about Quitting Cold Turkey.


How you will quit smoking is entirely up to you. The different ways to quit smoking mentioned above are all aid and resources to help you quit smoking but keep in mind that those things will not redeem or quit the addiction for you. You have to do it on your own. I am an ex-smoker and I know how difficult to be controlled by addiction brought by nicotine. I came to the point where I told myself I would do anything just to quit this habit and addiction. There were many trial and errors but I didn’t gave up, I kept on quitting until the day I finally succeeded. I tried the nicotine patch program that would take several weeks but I didn’t finish it, after using patches for five days I immediately quit cold turkey and with the help of self- suggestion and autosuggestion, coping the withdrawal period was never been so good and that was the reason how I was able to quit easily. Having read this article, hopefully now you know how to quit smoking successfully.

Decide now, stop that habit, stop that addiction, do something before it’s too late quit smoking today!

Stay committed and motivated by discovering what happens when you quit smoking, read this interesting article today and learn the amazing benefits your will reap as soon as you quit.

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  1. Stop Smoking says:

    Yes! Informing people on a wide variety of cessation methods is definitely beneficial – since some methods may work better for certain people.

    The first step is education. Excellent!

    I agree with subscribing to stop smoking blogs (such as this one) as it creates a larger community of like minded individuals thereby supporting peoples desire to stop smoking.


  2. Great post and is really helpful. I’m sure many smokers will come to realize how smoking is bad for them and this blog will definitely be their stepping stone in quiting that bad habit. I really enjoyed reading it thanks. Great work!

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