You Need a Burning Desire to Quit Smoking

I’ve been reading the book by Napoleon Hill “ Think and Grow Rich ,” although it was written a very long time ago it’s one of the best self-help books I’ve found. It discusses how one can become rich and successful. It teaches you the instruction step by step in order to attain your dreams. Whether you want to become rich, famous, find a dream job, fulfill your ambition, quit smoking, the principles outlined in the book will apply.

The books tells about a secret which successful, famous and rich people have used to attain their status. The secret is not mentioned directly by the author, instead the books tells stories about the author’s research with these people. He accumulated stories of the lives of many rich and successful persons and studied each one of them. In the end he came with up common traits, habits, ways of thinking, attitudes which are all common among them. This is what the author shares in this that he believes after 20 years of research, application through trial and error are the secrets of success.

The author at the start strongly emphasized that in order to be successful you should have a desire, not just a simple desire but a strong burning desire. So strong that you would do anything to achieve it. How many times have you desired to quit smoking? Have you done your best? At what cost are you gonna take to get rid of this filthy habit? The strength of your desire is going to be the measure if you are going to be successful in quitting or not. If you have failed many times, review your failures and strengthen yourself. Quitting smoking is worth it, not to mention the improvement it’s going to do with your health and the money you are going to save. Believe me trust in yourself you can quit smoking!

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