Ex-Smoker Colin – Global Economic Downturn Helped Me Quit

Testimonial – this is a contributed article from Colin.

I have smoked for 14 years now, I have made several attempts to quit lasting maybe a day or a week at a time. I realized however this time I had to make it work but unfortunately its just not that simple. If it was all we would be doing is quitting smoking. The big thing in my head at the beginning was could I do it, was I mentally ready? I didn’t want to fail again and I didn’t want to disappoint my friends and family so I took the global economic downturn and used it to my advantage.

If I could save the money I was spending on cigarettes what would it mean to me? Well quite a lot actually as I soon found out I set a goal and calculated the amount of money I would save over a week then a month then a year the figure I came up with was staggering. I went from smoking 20 – 30 cigarettes a day to quitting.

I don’t have the greatest willpower in the world but I managed it. Now my next goal is to stay off them, I know there will surely be times when I will be tempted to have one but right now I’m determined to quit for good. I started my own blog Colin The Bronc to help myself and hopefully others to quit smoking once and for all… if only one person finds it helpful and manages to quit then it has worked. Best of luck to all remember it gets easier and there is always someone willing to help you


Thank you for this sharing your story Colin, wish you all the best.

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