Two Year Old from Indonesia Smokes 40 Cigarettes a Day

I received an email the other day from a friend and I was really shocked to see a two year old boy from Indonesia smoking 40 cigarettes a day. His name is Ardi Rizal, puffing away 40 cigarettes which his parents supply him. According to Ardi’s mother, if they don’t give him any cigarette, the child gives the wildest tantrums you could imagine, he screams and bangs his head on the wall.  This is really unusual for me, how could the parents let him try his first cigarette that caused the addiction on the first place? Even if Indonesia is rated as the second consumer of tobacco in the world and even if I am a smoker, I won’t let my kids learn this filthy vice within my control. Read the full article here Ardi Rizal, two-year-old who smokes 40 cigarettes a day puffs away on a toy truck.

Will you do anything under your control to help the boy Stop Smoking?

After reading the article above, let me ask you a question, will you do anything to help the boy smoking within the boundaries of your control? Of course you would, even if the kid looks healthy, we all know the hazards brought by smoking. This two year old kid has still a chance although the first thing that should be done is how to calm his tantrums whenever the urge to smoke craves in.  Controlling him is still easy I guess because he is still a kid, I’m not saying to put a helmet on his head and bound him until the craving go away but there are many ways to help him to stop smoking. But unfortunately within the boundaries of our control all we could do to help is very limited.

What about you, will you do anything to quit smoking?

Now this time we are talking about yourself, this is a quit smoking blog and I am assuming you came here because you need help in quitting smoking. So let me ask a question, will you do anything to quit smoking? If you pity the boy above don’t you pity yourself? Why don’t you quit for good so you could save yourself some bunch of money and prolong this short-lived life that we were given. Just like the kid above everything is not too late, but unlike the kid above you are in control of yourself. You have the control and power within you to quit smoking, I’ve written several article on how to quit, stories and testimonials given by ex-smokers, I’ve showed some quit smoking aids, and everything is up to you to quit. We know there are no shortcuts in quitting, no matter how easy some may say you still have to exert some effort and we know you can do it, stop smoking today!

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