Easy Steps to Stop Smoking Now

There’s nothing quite like using your will power to free yourself from smoking addiction. Each day, we hear people succumb to their deaths because of smoking. You may or may not notice that every time you consult a doctor the first thing he would ask you is, “Do you smoke or drink?” Smoking a few sticks won’t kill you; but the addiction to keep on smoking indefinitely will. Certainly, our body wasn’t built to last and every misfortune, ill-treatment or addiction weakens it gradually. These reasons alone should motivate you to stop smoking now.

So, how are you going to free yourself from smoking? Smokers know the dangers of tobacco yet they continue to smoke. Why is that? These people aren’t stupid enough not to know the dangers of smoking. They know that each time they light a cigarette they’re also be cutting off their expected lifespan, dumping carbon monoxide and nicotine into their lungs, or ripping the precious oxygen from reaching their vital organs.

You know what, this is all due to addiction and the lack of will power and desire to live in a healthy lifestyle. To make it worse, smokers are also endangering the people around him while he enjoys his vice by passing passive second hand smoke.

People smoke for reasons but no matter how valid they seemed to be, smoking is physically a taxing activity. Don’t feel discouraged if you’ve tried several quit smoking methods and programs in the past. It means you’re on the right path towards freeing yourself but haven’t found the right method yet. That’s good enough and we’re going to assist you all the away.

As soon as you stop smoking, your body recuperates from all the lost “stuffs,” and you begin to see the big difference. Knowing what happens when you quit smoking is a great way to find motivation. However, it’s not a walk in the park. Addiction is always difficult to conquer, and you need more than a cupful of patience, perseverance, support and will power to do achieve that goal. You’ll be weak, restless, irritable, mood swings that will last for two weeks. Hold on to your horses and never give up. Afterwards, you’ll feel the gradual loss for nicotine cravings and fitness reemerge.  It’s just but normal; after all, cleaning your body from toxins isn’t an easy fate.

There’s a handful of ways you can take advantage to quit smoking now. Read the articles we’ve written in the past and use them to increase your chances to succeed. Here are some clear-cut ways to get you started.

  • Choose a quit date. Mark the date on your calendar when to quit and stick to it. Don’t reason out and don’t let your mind reason out; write on the calendar that on this day you are now an ex-smoker.
  • Always ask support from your family or friends. Tell them that you’re ready to quit smoking for the last time. Tell them to watch over you and prevent you from sneaking out to buy cigarettes. It might irritate you but it sure do works if you really want to quit,
  • Smokers reach cigarettes to ward off the idle time. If your mind and hands are busy, you’ll soon forget lighting a stick. All the same, don’t keep cigarettes in your home, office or anywhere. Instead carry with you a quit smoking book like the one written by Allen Carr – Easy Way to Quit Smoking.
  • Eventually, you’ll save money because you aren’t buying them anymore. Treat yourself; buy something you’d always wanted.
  • Change your routines. For instance, if you’re buying cigarette packs from this shop every morning, then don’t pass there. If you used to hang out with your friends to smoke during coffee breaks, then you’ll have to change that as well.
  • Get an index card and write these words in bold “I Rejoice Because I Am Now an Ex-Smoker.” Carry this card anywhere you go, put it in your wallet for easy retrieval. Remember you are already an ex-smoker; read this card every time you feel the urge.
  • We never told you that that quit smoking will be as easy as counting 1-2-3. Take it one day at a time, step by step and start now by taking the first step. Lastly, I only know a few people who could quit cold turkey immediately. I’m not one of them and it took me several months (4-5) before I succeed in quitting. So if you fail the first time, take it as a challenge, and don’t ever give up quitting until you succeed.

Keep in mind that no one will quit for you. There are many ways to quit smoking, we only have the support and resources to help you quit; you have to finish the race on your own. The strength of your desire and determination will lead you to success. If you follow these simple healthy tips to the heart, benefits will come along, so what are you waiting for, stop smoking now.

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  1. Ajay Atri says:

    I quit fourth time after 40 years at the age of 59.Iam sorry to say,it all ended this time too after 140 days.I dont think i can make any better attempt now.Is it destiny?Now i feel so many times.Iknow i could never start hating smoking,as all these 140 days i had been missing it.Even in dreams i had been smoking,and of course cursing myself.But it is really hard very hard to live without it,as it has been my only companion trough thick and thin during the best part of my life.All i can say,God help me.

  2. Thank you for recognizing and outlining the severity of nicotine addiction in your definition of the easy steps to stop smoking! I don’t think enough people take it seriously.

    To the smoker who doesn’t want to quit: When you’re ready to free yourself from the bondage of addiction there are tools to help. 25 milion people will die from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) directly caused by tobacco in the next couple decades.

  3. A Smoker says:

    It’s always interesting to find other blogs related to smokers and smoking. However I am at the other end whereas I’m a smoker that does not want quit – but I enjoyed viewing your blog anyway.

  4. Shona says:

    Great advice. I wish I had this kind of help when I stopped smoking 25 years ago. It is so true that no body can stop for you and you only have yourself to blame if you start again.

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