The Real Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Smoking is bad and we all know that. Smokers are nicotine addicts, their smoking vice have developed into a habit and associations have been tied up to their daily activities which make quitting smoking difficult. But is it really difficult to quit? Well to answer that question, ask yourself, are you willing to do anything to quit smoking? Or are you just simply dreaming to become an ex-smoker? Well hopefully after knowing the benefits of quitting smoking which I have outlined below, this piece of information will help you acquire motivation and develop a strong desire and determination to quit smoking easily.

Free Yourself from Nicotine Addiction and Distractions

Did you know that smoking urges and nicotine withdrawal symptoms are great distractions? And if we are going to dwell deeper, we will discover that these things are making your life miserable. Smoking actually is not making you feel better, it is not making you comfortable and relaxed, nor is it making you more focused or concentrated; the truth is smoking is only relieving your urges and withdrawal symptoms brought by nicotine. In short smoking is doing nothing in your life and the good feelings you feel each time you light a cigarette are just relief for the miseries that nicotine itself is giving you because you are an addict to nicotine.

So if you want to be really focused in your life, then you must quit smoking and BECOME a non-smoker to avoid any urges or withdrawal symptoms that would distract you and make you irritable bringing you all sorts of bad feelings once you cannot smoke. But once you have accepted this truth and reality, you will soon realize that quitting smoking is very easy.

In short, once you quit, you enjoy the benefit of being free from nicotine addiction and save yourself from being called an addict.

Regain Your Good Looks

Have you observed yourself lately in front of the mirror? Do it now, observe your face thoroughly before you continue reading this post. Have you observed how dark your lips have become since you started smoking? How about your teeth, observe the smoke stains and you will see that they too are getting yellowish and dark. What about your face? Observe carefully and you will notice that your skin has lost its elasticity and wrinkles are filling up the skin on our face. You will even observe that now you look older than what your real age would show.

This is what smoking has done to you. You spent a fortune in the past just to make yourself ugly and old, funny or call it foolishness but it’s true. But the good news is that, you can still reverse the damages done by smoking on your face, skin, lips and teeth if you will stop smoking right away. So if you want to regain back your good looks, decide immediately to quit smoking for good.

Relieve Yourself from Smoking Panic Attacks

This is another quitting smoking benefit that you should try to consider if you want to stop your nicotine addiction permanently. How many times have you suffered smoking panic attacks in the past whenever you see that you are running out of cigarettes? How many times did you feel anxious because someone is asking you for a cigarette when you only have enough cigarettes to last you for the night? And how many times have you suffered those panic attacks when you found out that the nearest store which is half a mile away is about to close and you have to catch it because you’re out of cigarettes?

I myself suffered those panic attacks when I was still smoking. I was travelling in the middle of the night just to buy those filthy stuff so I could get my does of nicotine. Foolish to admit it but its true. Smoking will make you a slave and will punish you by giving you panic attacks if you don’t keep a nice supply of cigarettes beside you. And the only way to cure these attacks is for you to stop smoking.

Win Back Your Self-Respect

What do you feel whenever you see people covering their noses each time you pass by them? Or what would you feel inside the elevator or bus when you notice that people are looking at you like a bug ready to be squashed because you stink so much. And did you know that your non-smoker co-workers are talking about you that you stink so much? They would avoid you if they could but out of politeness, they will try to hide their real feelings of hatred to the stink brought by cigarettes.

This is one reason which motivated me to quit smoking before. I really felt ashamed each time I enter the office after a smoke break. You could hear whispers about the bad stench they smell which I bring. If you won’t believe me, try smoking out in the open air then after smoking enter an air conditioned room and you will see people covering their noses and looking at you very badly.

Acquire this benefit by stopping smoking and once you quit smoking successfully, you will no longer be ashamed to mingle with anyone whom you know. And if you are still single, you won’t be ashamed to approach someone for a date.

Save Money

So you have reached this part. Well this benefit in quitting smoking is quite common especially the last one. But there is nothing wrong in mentioning it again and hopefully this time it will push you to quit smoking for good.

Have you ever computed how much have you spent buying those cigarettes in the past? It’s easy, how many packs can you finish in a year? Multiply that number with the current cost of cigarette and you will come up with the amount that you spent for smoking in a year. Then multiply that amount with the number of years that you smoked and you will come up with the total amount that you spent for cigarettes in a lifetime. So let us assume I can finish a pack in one day and each pack cost $2.00. So in a year I am spending (365 x $2.00) $730.00. If I was smoking for 20 years then I have already spent roughly 14K for cigarettes.

I smoked for 22 years and I know how much hard earned money I wasted. So if you plan to smoke for the next 10 – 20 years, why not decide to quit smoking instead and save the money that is expected to be used in buying cigarettes.

Sad Thing About Health Benefits

Now we are going to discuss the most unwanted health benefits. This is the most important benefit in quitting smoking yet it is the least that motivates smokers to quit and this is the reason why I placed it last. Sad but it’s true and most smokers will only be motivated to quit smoking because of health benefits when they think something bad is going on inside their body.

This happened to me, I started to have some difficulty in breathing. Well what can you expect after smoking for 20 years. Since then I was haunted by nightmares that tumors were already developing in my lungs. This situation coupled with the benefits of self-respect which was mentioned above committed me to stop smoking for good. And after several months of struggling and quitting I finally succeeded in stopping smoking.

Health benefits are the least things that the smoker will concern himself with because health effects of smoking are not immediate. Well I will not elaborate this further, we all know that smoking causes various minor diseases such as coughs, colds, infections etc. and major diseases which includes cancer, cardiovascular disease, lung disease etc. I am pretty sure these things will not scare you as it did not bother me also when I was still smoking. I only appreciated life and my health when I suffered breathing problems.

But please don’t wait before a serious disease will occur, try to quit smoking the soonest possible time. I know you want to quit your addiction lest you wouldn’t be here reading this article. This Website alone provides articles that will help you quit your nicotine addiction and you can supplement it further with other stop smoking help reading materials such as quit smoking books to clear away the myths and lies that are in your head.

So if you want to prolong your life, feel better, and maintain your health, then you should start making plans in quitting smoking the soonest.

Well hopefully the benefits I mentioned in quitting smoking will help you quit permanently. Smoking is doing nothing good to you, accept that reality and believe that you can quit smoking and you will be the next happy non-smoker in the community.

Remember, we are here to help you quit, so do your part and stop smoking today!

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  1. sheokaf says:

    Day 3 cold turkey; from what I’ve read, one of the hardest days. I have a seven month old baby and it was like I have been smoking nonstop since he was born to make up for time missed while I was pregnant. I was smoking 30 cigs a day and my husband was totally disgusted. Anyway, I wanted to say besides all of the wonderful benefits of NOT smoking, I figured out I have about 2 hours extra a day to spend with my family because I’m not sneaking off to garage to hide-smoke. Good luck all; if you start getting weak and want a cig, I suggest reading Joel Spitzer’s book, covers all the crazy ways you talk yourself into picking up a smoke. Main motto: NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!!

  2. kirk says:

    I am happy to announce, I am 3 months free of smoking!

  3. Ace solo says:

    No more smokes for me. I feel tired all the time and I know that if I dont stop I wont be around for my baby.

    Wish me luck guys…….thanks

  4. Mohamed says:

    I am a 27 year old male, smoking a pack a day for the past 13 years. Today is day 3, cold turkey, and I am so proud of myself for finally quitting. I got to a stage of smoking 5 cigarettes one after the other and that is when I thought that this addiction is way out of control. One of my main reasons for quitting is that I couldn’t fall into a deep sleep because my brain was craving nicotine, and as a result I use to be groggy and tired all the time. Wow, I feel like a new person now, I sleep like a baby now, I am so happy that I quit. I feel so liberated that I am no longer a slave to nicotine. I have overcome this addiction. I am happy, I am relaxed, I am healthy, I am a winner, I am a champion!

  5. Natalie says:

    I’m 17 and I’ve been smoking for almost 4 years. I just recently started another season of rugby, and, being a wing, all I do is run and tackle. I decided after a workout two days ago that almost made me pass out that I would quit smoking. I cleaned out my car and threw away all my shorted cigarettes and empty packs. My mom has been really supportive, she never really cared if I smoked, she would bum me cigarettes at least five times a day. But now she isn’t smoking around me and will try and quit alongside me within the next week. I’m already starting to feel my lungs get healthier and just the other day I went on a jog! Despite losing my cool and crying a bit at work and getting withdrawls (migraine, coughing, headcold), I’m really excited to be a non-smoker and begin the rugby season with stride. 🙂 Oh…and white teeth! Yay!

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