Quitting Smoking is One Great Successful Achievement

Generally, it can be said that quitting smoking is difficult. It’s like saying “it’s hard to become rich.” But once you find your niche in life, once you discover your hidden potential, once you start doing what you love, once you start learning how to save and once you start earning money, then you will say, “well, getting rich wasn’t all that difficult after all,” and this is the same thing with smoking.

Attaining success or the things you want in life is easy if you know what to do. Whatever you want to acquire, whether you want fortune, fame, happy family, perfect partner or if you want simply to stop your nicotine addiction; following general important steps are essential if you want to be successful in life. And the foremost thing you should do is to start believing that you can achieve what you want to achieve.

Desire to Quit Smoking

As I have mentioned many times, the strength of your desire will guide you so you could quit smoking easily. No matter how addicted you are to nicotine if you so desire to become a non-smoker, no one will and nothing can stop you. Keep in mind that success goes to the one who needs it most and if you desire strongly to become a non-smoker every minute of the day, if you really want to learn how to quit smoking successfully; you will be guided and soon this desire will materialize and will come true.

I never planned to use nicotine patches (I even never knew these things existed) when I quit smoking, it was my desire and determination that lead me in discovering these products so I could stop smoking successfully. It was also the strength of my desire that lead me to the book of Allen Carr which eventually strengthened further my affirmation to become a non-smoker. And definitely if you are reading this post right now, I’m pretty sure it was also your desire and determination to stop your nicotine addiction that lead you to this website.


So if you want to make your stopping easily and manageable, then you first have to start believing in yourself that you could quit smoking easily. You must remove in your mind the thoughts that keep on saying that quitting smoking is hard and difficult because it is not. You have to break that barrier that keeps on holding you down to succeed in quitting. Once you have overcome this barrier then you will soon discover an enormous source or resources that will help you quit smoking.


To succeed in quitting smoking, acceptance is the next step that you should do. You must let go of the false beliefs that cigarettes are doing something great in your life. Cigarettes are doing nothing beneficial, they are just wrecking your life and robbing your hard earned money and self-respect. Auto-suggestion will greatly help you in planting the truth in your mind. Reading quit smoking books like the one written by Allen Carr and reading articles provided in this website repeatedly will help you remove the brainwashing that was planted deeply in your subconscious mind.


Next step is action. Ask yourself, are you willing to do anything to stop smoking. Desiring and wishing alone will not put you one step closer to your goals but it is the starting point. Everything starts with a desire then you have to act. Don’t give the reason that you can’t buy a cheap quit smoking books or ebooks or you can’t afford to buy products that will help you quit. Cigarettes are much more expensive than the cost of quitting smoking. These website alone provides important, informative and free articles that will help you and show you how to quit smoking easily.

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Don’t give that reason that you need to wait for the right time of your convenience. You don’t have to wait for the next New Year or the next season where everything will be less stressful. Quitting your addiction will never be convenient, keep that in mind. Whether you like it or not you have to cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms and it is up to you on how you will make the withdrawal stage a moment of misery or a moment of bliss, excitement and freedom. Knowing the benefits of quitting smoking is one way to motivate you quit the soonest possible time.

Don’t Fear

Everything is in your mind. Throw away the fear that life will not be the same without those cigarettes. Actually, the fear itself is what nicotine addiction has brought to your life. Trust yourself and don’t tell me that the guy next door who quit smoking recently is much better than you. Strengthen your desire and determination, believe in yourself. Do everything that you can to quit smoking. Write something inspiring or print some useful articles about quitting smoking and read it frequently and daily. Feed you mind, saturate it until it will push you to stop your nicotine addiction for good.


Lastly, do not quit quitting. If you fail on your first attempt, try to quit again. If you fail using the quit cold turkey method, stop asking yourself why and quit again. When you have done everything yet you can’t succeed, when you think everything has already failed and you feel discouraged; then you have reached the crossroads where others have failed and others have succeeded. Study those who are successful in life including those successful ex-smokers and you will learn that majority of them succeeded where everyone has failed because of PERSISTENCE. Once you have reached the point of discouragement, keep on going because the gates of success are just a few steps away.

Once you have quit smoking successfully, repeat all the steps that you did when you were quitting smoking. But this time on the things that you want to acquire and you will be amazed with the successes in life that you will achieve.

You are not alone my friend, I was once a smoker just like you. I was able to quit successfully after struggling for several months. Believe in yourself and you too will become the next happy non-smoker.

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  1. You’re so right – “do not quit quitting”. If you want to be a non-smoker then you can. Everyone has their ‘right way’ of doing it and for me it was hypnotherapy. In fact, I went on to train as a hypnotherapist after finally quitting my 20-a day habit after 4 years of failing miserably. If you’d like to discuss hypnotherapy as an option or want to know anything about my experiences in quitting then you can email me or visit my site at http://www.londonstopsmoking.co.uk.

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