Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Quit Smoking Blog

Below are just a few of the messages and emails I have received within the last two years. And hopefully this website could also help you and other smokers out there to become once again non-smokers. I never expected something wonderful like to this to happen when I put up this blog before but now, knowing that this site has at least helped a handful to quit their addiction, it makes me more motivated to continue updating this site and to continue blogging. For those who have subscribed to this site’s feed (to my valued 60+ readers) – thank you. For those who are now non-smokers, please do your best not to slip and be tempted once again.

Thank you so much! I am now 5 days smoke free and it wouldn’t have happen without this website. – Christy

I can’t believe how easy it is to quit smoking once you accept the truth that smoking is just an addiction. Thank you for your posts and articles. – Lyndsy

The articles in this website are great, you could really feel the sincerity and the experience behind it. I love reading your article from how I quit smoking day one to conclusion. Great blog, keep up the good work – Joni

This website is great. Unlike other websites out there geared to help smokers to quit, the articles or information they provide are just the result of scientific and medical study. But this site gives you the real hands on experience that will really help you quit, thanks. – Jennifer

Thank you for your efforts in putting up this blog. – Patrick

Nice blog, can’t believe I’ll be discovering these wonderful pieces of information online. Keep up the goodwork. – Armi

Thank you for your blog, it is now Day seven for me and I am celebrating each day! – L.

Today, 14th of July marks the 2nd year anniversary of this website. When I was at your shoes before trying to stop smoking; I was also looking for Websites to help me quit. The information I found were all generic and somewhat the same. Some sites will scare you about developing some dreadful diseases in your body, some will just show you the same information that almost every smoker knows while others are just full of advertisements. Although the articles I read were really helpful, it didn’t pushed me enough to quit my addiction to nicotine.

So when I was able to quit successfully, I told myself I would put up a website based on my own experience and with the experience of other ex-smokers that will really help smokers kick their addiction. Well I guess it took me two foolish smoking relapses before I finally quit completely and put up this blog. This blog has gone through certain stages and at some point in time, I almost abandoned it at the beginning of its existence but fortunately everything went well. My main goal before was simply to reach out and help smokers quit, to help guard myself from smoking relapses and earn a few dollars from advertisements to help sustain the existence of this site.

After establishing this site and after blogging for a few months, the results did not exceed my expectations. Why? Because no one was visiting this website; well I never knew anything about what they call SEO or site promotion before. It was a disappointment and I nearly shut the doors of it. Then my first testimonial came; it came from Mamaflo and the motivation for me to continue blogging as I posted my first testimonial grew on and the rest as they say is history.

By the way, I recently visited the website of Mamaflo and the last post on her website was dated January 6th 2010. Maybe she is just too busy with something but I hope and pray she’s out there enjoying her life as a non-smoker.

To My Valued Readers, Subscribers, Commenters, Guest Bloggers (Testimonials) and Visitors

This site wouldn’t have been where it is right now without all of you supporting it. With the honest and wonderful comments, emails and messages I receive like the few ones mentioned above, I am really joyful that this site has helped several smokers quit their addiction completely.

For those who submitted their testimonials, you have inspired other quitters greatly and I am sure many have succeeded in quitting because of your awesome stories. The helpful comments and questions that you posted as well are helping smokers be inspired and to know that they are not alone in this journey.

I am thankful to have a regular 60+ readers based on the feed provided by Google. So once again, thank you and I am really grateful to everyone who supported and shared this site to others.

If you are new to this site and you have the desire to quit smoking, please stick around and subscribe to our feed. Strengthen your desire, until it becomes an obsession. Make yourself hungry for freedom until it pushes you to attain your bliss and free from nicotine addiction.


Please share your comment, thank you.

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  1. Mark Kelly says:

    Great job on reaching your second anniversary. I think the information you gave on slipping twice but still able to control your habit is invaluable to smokers who haven’t been able to succeed yet. To me, it really is a problem of perspective – addicts are focused on the short term whereas beating the habit require long term commitment.

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