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Hey all, my name is Mandi, I am 24 and I was a smoker! I smoked for about 7 years, I was smoking anywhere from 20 to 25 smokes [sticks] a days. Now I have tried to quit before. Tried Zyban….. Didn’t sleep well on it and was crusty on it , tried the patch…. broke out in a rash! I have also tried the gum… didn’t work and was gross. It came down to me wanting a house to make me quit. I knew that if i was going to keep smoking that I would not be able to afford to move out of my parent’s house.

So I pick a day and had my last smoke before midnight on August 14 and have not had one since. So after that last smoke I went to bed and woke up a non-smoker, this day was the worst! I cried, and cried, and cried, other than that I was ok. With each day it did get easier. Then one night I was having supper with my family and we finished and we were sitting at the table talking and my brother was having he’s after supper smoke and thought it would be funny to blow it in my face. So I just got up and went to my room, I had a bit a craving but just went to bed.

After this happened, I can now sit with my smoker co-works and it not be a problem for me. So now it has been two week and I have quite cold turkey, the only side effect I have had is having a hard time falling asleep. I do still have a craving for a smoke, but that’s when I have nothing to do…… ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO DO, IT DOES HELP TO KEEP [YOURSELF] BUSY!!!! I

[I] would not have been able to do this if it was not for my friends and family cheering me on!!!! My suggestions to anyone who is planning to quite is to, just do it… it will be hard! Always try to keep busy, have gum or candies, and have a few friends to help you along the way it helps. Good luck to all of you who have quit and to all that plan to quit!!!!

Great story Christa, thank you again for sharing your experience and hope it will inspire other smokers out there to quit for good.

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