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This quit smoking story was submitted by Carol, it was a comment in our post Dos and Don’ts When Quitting Smoking and it was published as a regular post, thank you Carol for sharing your experience.

I was a 20 a week smoker years ago only smoking in social situations and on the telephone, over the years it doubled, then when my husband became ill, I retired and he died a month after my 60th birthday.

Through this time my smoking went up to 10 a day 70 a week and weekends could be more, now after three years I have just given up I had tried before but it lasted four weeks, this time  I am more determined.

I have the help of the NHS but I am coping very well and have no withdrawal symptoms so don’t need to use the Nicorette spray much, even though my son smokes in the house I am not tempted, my biggest problem now is the social mixing with friends that smoke, if I can do five or six times with them and not feel I must have a cigarette THEN I HAVE CRACKED IT and will be so pleased as it is a self satisfaction that you can do it and have succeeded.

I think having a reason to give up is very helpful too, for me I have just paid out a lot of money for four pairs of new glasses and next year I am having my place decorated so the £20 to £25 pound a week that I would have spent on cigarettes I have been saving each week into an account and can see it mounting up it does make you feel good, this is my third week and really hope to keep to it. My husband was on 50 a day he got emphysema but gave it up without any help.


Yes we can! Great story, thank you again for sharing it and hope it will inspire other smokers out there to quit for good. Discover some great quit smoking tips by following the link to help you quit successfully.

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  1. Krystall777 says:

    Every time you smoked felt that me relaxing but over time this change, quit for my has been the best thing in my life, nicotine was killing me in silence.

    Krystall Hilton

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