The Main Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking

We’re all aware that smoking can really harm a person’s health, and though smokers know that their health is getting harmed, they never want to quit. Smoking tobacco cigarettes is the most addictive and harmful habit in the world, and little do people know, smoking doesn’t just harm themselves, but various other factors as well. Smoking is very addictive, and falsely comforts you whenever you are stressed or not feeling well, and you tend to look for it when you haven’t smoked in a while.

Why Are Tobacco Cigarettes Bad For You and the People Around You?

Most of the ingredients that cigarettes contain are actually used in pesticides, batteries, and other chemical compounds which are highly poisonous. Sources have shown and proven that when you smoke tobacco cigarettes, you will be endangered to lung, prostate, breast, and bladder cancer. Cigarettes can also cause leukemia, and surprisingly, if you always smoke, you will have a high risk of the diseases.

If you smoke inside of your home and you live with your children, then you should be aware that they are becoming second hand smokers. Shockingly, being a second hand smoker is probably more dangerous compared to being the actual smoker; therefore, whenever you smoke, you are actually harming your children’s health or the people around you, and the saddest part is that they are more at risk to the cancers and diseases than you are.

A huge percentage of people were diagnosed with cancers and diseases due to the fact that they were second hand smokers. Surprisingly, you are also harming the environment when you smoke, as it takes about 20 years for the butts of the cigarettes to decompose. It also takes about 10 months for one cigarette to decompose, and if you are an avid smoker, the world will be polluted with cigarette butts and cigarettes.

Knowing the benefits of quitting smoking will help strengthen your motivation which in turn drive you to quit your addiction and filthy habit. Smoking not only destroys you but the people around you and the environment as well is being harmed and destroyed.

You, Your Loved Ones and the Environment Will Benefit When You Quit Smoking.

The main reason why you should quit smoking is that almost all of the ingredients it contains minimizes your life span. Nicotine is the main addictive ingredient in cigarettes, and surprisingly, it spreads to the brain in just 6 seconds. When you smoke bulks of nicotine, it’s actually a depressant, and the worst part is that it ruins the flow signals in between your nerve cells. Nicotine is actually used in certain poisons, and according to sources, it affects your heart, hormones, and blood vessels. Nicotine has the power to make you feel calm, but in reality, it’s slowly killing your nerve cells and your body system.

If you quit smoking, you will not only benefit yourself, but also the environment and your family. Smoking may be calming and relaxing, but you must realize that you’re harming plenty of things surrounding you. Keep in mind, when you quit smoking, you will be able to save the earth from getting polluted by cigarettes, and the biggest award is that you will also be able to keep your family away from illnesses.

There are many ways to quit smoking to help you stop successfully. Addiction to nicotine isn’t worth your life, your family’s lives, and the environment. Just imagine, if you quit smoking, the world will be able to really benefit and you will make this planet a better place to live in.

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