Ex-Smoker April – Success in Your Journey

This post was submitted by April, it was a comment in our post The Side Effects of Quitting Smoking and it was published as a regular article, many thanks for this wonderful experience.

I am so happy to have found this site… My last smoke was on March 10, 2012 I am so sorry that everyone is having all the same effects from stopping smoking that I am.. but at the same time glad that you are because I really thought that since stopping smoking I had become a hypochondriac.

The list of symptoms I have grown since stopping… I do have an under active thyroid so the tiredness is awful… but so is the chest tightness, shortness of breath, and my lungs hurt..ha-ha… I will be 50 this year and have smoked since I was 12…. I decided to stop after having pneumonia and getting a glimpse of what my life would be like with emphysema… This was terrifying for me….

I am not just over a month not smoking and hope that the worse is behind me…. I know that I do breathe better than before and no matter how bad I feel or the sleep I am losing… in the long run eventually once my body learns to function correctly without nicotine and all the toxins I have been putting in it for years everything will be golden…ha Good luck everyone on your journey I wish you every success in your endeavor to be smoke free

If April has done it – so can you!

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