Ex-Smoker Adam – I Quit Smoking

This stimulating story was shared by Adam. The experience I’m pretty sure will really help strengthen your desire to quit and become a non-smoker  once again.

I finished a two mile run yesterday in our Gym where I work. I hate treadmills and it really can’t compare itself against running outside but I have no choice cause it was raining. I never thought I would still be able to acquire this kind of endurance but after developing the desire to stop, after committing myself to quit and after stumbling upon this quit smoking blog a few months back; I was able to quit my addiction to nicotine after smoking for 24 years.

So today, I think I have the responsibility to return the favor back to this website, to the people who shared their comments and experiences and especially to all who are fighting to quit their dependency to nicotine.  So what kind of favor?! To share to all readers of these websites and to all would be readers who would become the next non-smokers my experience and story.

On my 23rd year of smoking, I really wanted to quit. I look old, my lips were turning black, I stink and smell awful, I often find holes in my clothing, and I was doing something that I really hate doing. I was like a puppet being controlled by an unknown force. Even though how awful my cough was, damn, I will still find myself lining up in the groceries even in the middle of the night just to buy those expensive stupid stuff.

So I told myself in the middle of September 2011, I have to quit my filthy habit. I tried patches, I tried the gum and other ways to quit smoking in the market but it didn’t work. I used will power but the more I stay away from cigarettes, something deep in my subconscious keeps on telling me that I need to take my dose of nicotine to feel better. Until finally in December 2011, I stumbled upon this blog from one of my friends in FaceBook.

I read all the articles, all the helpful comments and what caught my attention is the power of self-suggestion. So I did what Rudy instructed in his post; wrote down positive things about quitting smoking, listed down how bad nicotine addiction was and I read these notes several times each day. I kept on saying “I am a non-smoker” several times before I go to sleep and several times when I woke up in the morning. I even printed some comments of people who shared their experiences in this site, read them often until finally, I accepted how bad smoking was. I bought the book of Allen Carr [The Easy Way to Stop Smoking], set my plans and chose my quit date.

On January 15, 2012, I quit smoking. I was able to hold on for two days then BAM! A friend approached me and offered a cigarette and all of a sudden I found myself puffing once again. I felt so guilty lighting that one but it did not discourage me to keep on quitting. So I went back to square one. I chose another quit date the following week. When the day before my second quit date finally arrived, I threw everything that will remind of smoking. My quit smoking notes and the book of Carr were always beside me. The first day was easy, but the second and third, I encountered the worst tug of war in my life and mind. A part of me will say “you could still quit later” and another part of me saying “no Adam, this is the best time to quit.” I know you will reach this stage when you quit, give everything you have to hold on cause it is all worth it!

The good thing about this tug of war thing is that it doesn’t last long. TRUST me folks, hold on for 5 minutes and you will feel quite normal again. The temptation and craving will leave you after a few minutes. And it will get weak as each occurrence passes by. This is where the right mindset will help you control the cravings. You have to accept the truth that smoking is really BAD! Believe me, each time you overcome a craving, you will feel stronger and better the second time around.

Honestly, there was a time I almost gave up! But based on the story of Rudy that he too almost gave up, it gave me confidence that you have to pass this way in order to quit successfully. And I certainly believe that success is achieved when your almost about to fail. So the secret to succeed in quitting is to DO what others have failed to DO.

Don’t fear the side effects or withdrawal of stopping smoking – they are not serious and will go away after a few days. I never had one, just a few occasional headaches every day but aside from that I felt good since I threw my last cigarette. Looking back, now that the addiction to nicotine is gone and the filthy habit already replaced by exercise, drinking lots of water and eating healthy snacks, I have no regrets and I am enjoying the freedom that I never had before. Right now I PITY a smoker each time I see them.

I know your desire to quit has led you to this blog hence this article. Keep in mind that we are here to help you! Thank you for the time in reading this article, don’t delay, don’t doubt, don’t regret – JUST DO IT AND QUIT– claim back your freedom and be a non-smoker once more!

Thank you so much Adam! Now that is what I call an awesome story. For you my friend reading this article right now, what are you waiting for – STOP YOUR ADDICTION AND HABIT TODAY!

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