Smoking and Concentration – The Truth Will Help You Quit Your Addiction

During my smoking days, my habit and addiction to nicotine led me to believe that smoking helps me in concentrating with the things that I was doing. Each time the cravings start, I could no longer focus with my work and instead I would always look for ways to take a puff or two. I might sneak out while my manager is in the bathroom, go at the parking lot, go to a smoking area or even walk a mile just to have that fix (nicotine) in my system for me to “remain focused” as what they say. Little have I known that these cravings and desire to smoke are the reasons why I can’t focus on my job and to the things which I have to do.

Once the urge starts – how do you think smoking is making you relaxed and focused if you can’t seem to continue with what you are doing until you light a cigarette? Non-smokers are never bothered to get out and have their fix, why? Because they are not addicted to nicotine; in short, it is your addiction to nicotine that pushes you to become restless. It is your addiction that disrupts your mind with what you are doing and it is your addiction that destroys your concentration and commands you to get more of the stuff into your body.

Therefore, “nicotine withdrawal symptoms” is the thing that destroys your concentration each time you feel the urge to smoke. You have to accept this truth and remove from your mind the opposite lie that smoking helps you remain calm and focused. And once you have accepted that smoking is making your life miserable then you have made a great step in becoming a non-smoker.

So once you have reached this point (experiencing withdrawal symptoms) you will now have two options. First, you can light a cigarette and your body will feel normal again once it absorbs the needed nicotine or second, fight the urge, hold on for a minute or five then the urge will go away. The first choice will temporarily help your body feel normal as nicotine enters your blood stream. But this will always become a cycle – once nicotine levels gets low inside your body, again you will feel bad and won’t be able to concentrate until you light the next stick.

On the other hand, the second option will drive you crazy but these are all but temporary. It is up to you if you will take it as a punishment or a healing that has to manifest within a few days in order to free you from your slavery and addiction. You got to have the proper mindset to tell yourself that the withdrawal symptoms of smoking is a good sign that something wonderful is about to happen.

The emotions or feelings you experience each time you undergo withdrawal symptoms can be used to strengthen further your motivation to quit. You have to understand that these experiences can either push you to light a cigarette or help strengthen your desire to quit like a wound giving pain while on its healing process.

Now that you know how smoking is controlling your life, won’t you do something about it? Try to contemplate and analyze yourself. You are far stronger than being an addict to smoking. The future is very bright, prolong your life and save hundreds of dollars. Stand up, quit smoking and become the next non-smoker today!

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