Quit Smoking –You Can Do This Because Everything is Worth It

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Ex-Smoker Erin

WTG [way to go] to everyone who is smoke free! YOU are in control, and YOU CAN do this!

After almost 20 years of smoking, I had my last cigarette on May 1st at 12:06 p.m. I haven’t smoked since. This is my first attempt, but I am determined and I want to be successful. I love smoking, but I love healthy things too. Some of those withdrawal symptoms I never want to experience again (!!!) so I must choose to smoke or not. Either I smoke forever or never smoke again to avoid them. Once the withdrawal symptoms go away, this becomes MUCH more easier to handle. It’s not easy, but it becomes easier.

To the woman who’s husband is being horrible:

I’ve been told by two doctor friends and a nurse friend that nicotine is the number one anti-depressant in the world. This has been proven scientifically, but at this time they are unable to manufacture and convert it to an actual form of medication. It’s also been said smoking is harder to quit than heroin. As much as he’s being a jerk, ask what you can do to support him. Buy him his favourite hard candies or gum.


Ex-Smoker Nikki

I am on day 44 of being a non smoker, I did it cold turkey after catching a really nasty respiratory infection. I have gone through the anxiety, the cravings, but its getting much easier. I was catching every cold/cough/virus that was going around, and I am sick of always being sick.

I have a high stress job and I am finding that the major crave hits me about 10am every morning….but its getting better.

I did gain a little bit of weight but I do work out on a regular basis and its easier too, I now bring my running shoes to work with me and walk on my lunch breaks instead of drink lots of coffee and chain smoke. The weekends were tough because I am pretty social and some of my friends still smoke but its getting easier and I feel so much better.

Hang in there everyone it is so worth it.

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