Giving Up Smoking – A Lot Easier If You Would Believe

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Two weeks ago today I woke up and looked myself in the mirror; I said [to myself] “it has to stop now.”

At the time, I was a heavy weed smoker and an even heavier fag smoker, smoking 20 in a few hours wasn’t a problem for me. But after the first few days, say 3, I was feeling better already without it. I got snappy at people, I will admit, but I have apologized to the people I snapped at and if anything it has made my friendships closer. I’m now talking to some of my older mates again who didn’t like me for smoking, which was completely understandable. Now after 2 weeks, I’ve smoked the odd fag here and there when I’m out drinking, but from today on I won’t be smoking a single cig. I’ve had the headaches, the trouble sleeping and the anxiety. But apart from that I couldn’t feel better about myself!

People say it’s a long and hard road to quitting smoking.

Well it’s not at all, unless you make it. if you rely on a smoke now and then to keep you in a good mood, hold yourself down to staying in the house and not buying a pack of fags for 3 days I say, once you realize how easy to go those 3 days without a fag is, you’ve already made it easier to quit.

Good Luck to anyone reading this and attempting to quit smoking! You CAN do it and it’s a lot easier than you’d believe!

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