I Plan to Live the Rest of My Life Smoke Free

This amazing story was a comment submitted in our article The Side Effects of Quitting Smoking (link) and it was published as a regular post, many thanks for this wonderful experience Katherine.

I was a smoker for 13 years and I finally decided to quit for good for my 2013 New Years Resolution. I can successfully say that I have been smoke free with no cheats for 71 days. I began by using the patch, which helped my immensely! However, I ended up using it for 5 days because it gave me wacky dreams.

But in those 5 days I barely had a craving and I believe those first 5 days were the hardest. After I stopped the patch, I was cold turkey from then on. I began eating healthier, working out more often and I decided to change my perception on life. I try my hardest to be optimistic about every challenge I face and believe it has truly helped in my success to staying smoke free.

I picked up crocheting during the winter to keep my hands busy (I didn’t want to rely on candy or other oral fixations, I felt that would have just developed another bad habit).

I had to deal with a lot of mood swings, headaches, coughing up phlegm (which surprisingly I just got over), and being sick. I feel like my body has finally cleared itself of all the cigarette toxins and I continue to work on self motivation. I still get cravings on rare occasions, but they come and go so quickly now. The actual smell of smoke makes me nauseous.

I finally feel great, and it makes me sad to know that cigarettes ruled my world for so long. I’m glad to be free. I’m glad I’m not that sucker standing out in the freezing cold just to have a smoke. I’m glad I can run without getting short of breath. I’m glad to have overcome all of those triggers where I used to “need a cigarette.” I’m 28 and plan to live the rest of my life smoke free.
Stay motivated and stay strong. You guys really can do this, it’s truly a life changing experience

Congratulations Katherine, for 71 days, well that’s already a lot of money saved. And who says no one succeeds a New Year’s resolution? I said in my previous article, success rate is very minimal and Katherine is one living proof that succeeded this year 2013.

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