Quitting Smoking is Like Surviving a Relationship Break Up

This awesome story was shared by Belinda.

I can finally announce that I am now a non-smoker. I quit two months ago and the hardship during the withdrawal stage was so WORTH it. I never thought I’ll be able to stop my addiction to nicotine but by taking everything one day at a time I was able to succeed.

Quitting my addiction reminds when I was dumped by my ex and the experience I learned way back then when I was left alone gave me the strength and courage to achieve my goal.

A few years ago I had the perfect relationship. After going on steady for 10 years the unbelievable happened he dumped me. He said all the reasons he had but honestly up to now I couldn’t understand those reasons.

I was so deaf and blinded right then and there by the pain brought up when he said he was no longer happy and wanted to end our relationship.

Right after the break up, I begged him to take me back; I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t concentrate and I can’t stop thinking about him. After a week of misery, I told myself I have to move on and bear the pain. I told myself I can’t be like this so I started looking for answers in the Internet.

Little by little I discovered I was addicted to love.

Did you know that relationships can be addictive? Yes it’s true, the feeling of being in love is very addictive and once your relationships ends chemical imbalance starts to happen which we call heartbreak.

Once you enter into a relationship, your brain starts producing chemicals and gives you this euphoria whenever you are with your partner. And soon you will be addicted to these chemicals that your body produces.

And once your partner is not around, chemical imbalance starts to happen in your body. In short you go thru a withdrawal stage because your body is craving for the chemicals that make you feel in-love and the only way to survive this break up is to cut the addiction process.

So I went cold turkey, I didn’t call my ex and I tried in every way to avoid seeing him. Because each time I hear his voice and each time I see him, I feel better temporarily but after that I found myself back to square one – nursing a broken heart. So after applying the “no contact rule” for thirty days, my addiction to my Ex emotionally and physically disappeared.

My addiction to my Ex left me because I completely took out my Ex in my life by eliminating any communication with him.

After that thirty day period, after eliminating my addiction to my ex and after learning to live without my ex, my brain functioned normally again. Soon I discovered my ex was not worth it. I discovered that without my addiction to love, I realized that other men far better than my ex are waiting for me in my life.

So after he called after 60 days begging me to start all over again, I finally had the courage to dump him and forget him completely.

That break up was a year ago. So why am I telling you all this? Well the experience I had thru my break up helped me to quit (this time) to my addiction to nicotine. Believe it or not, the withdrawal stage was far easier than bearing the loss of a love one. I decided to quit 6 months ago, it was on and off just like a bad relationship until I finally told myself I need to stop smoking. I told myself that I will not allow my addiction again to control of my body, my health and my happiness.

So after a battle of 3 weeks (cold turkey), here I am after six months and proud to say I am a non-smoker once again. If you have been deciding long enough or if you have been trying to quit smoking long enough but you continuously fail, I advise you to analyze yourself and tell yourself that smoking is not giving you anything good.

The only way to break this addiction is to stop using it and do everything to face the withdrawal stage. Trust me the withdrawal symptoms will disappear in a few days or in a week. Learn to deal the withdrawal stage and soon you will discover and tell yourself, “that wasn’t so hard…”

If you have been thru a breakup I know what I am talking about and I know it’s more difficult fighting your emotions than your addiction to nicotine. I’ve been there and it hurts like hell. Don’t use nicotine to escape reality, rather use the experience to quit smoking and to improve your life and to make your own happiness.

Thank you Belinda!

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