5 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolution to Quit Smoking Will Fail

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution to quit smoking?

It’s New Year once again. A few hours before New Year’s Eve I can hear smokers making solemn promises and resolutions to quit.

You can actually feel the joy in their voice, you can sense the confidence and affirmation to fulfill their resolutions.

They will share with you their happy plans to travel using the money they will save from quitting.

You will see them puffing cigarettes joyously like never before.They’re making the most of it since it’s going to be their last in just a few more hours.


Wrong! Amidst all these enthusiastic behavior, I’m sorry to say but behind the happy scenes of these events lurks the shadow of failure. These resolutions (most of them) are doomed to fail.

The rate of people who succeed in quitting during New Year is indeed quite low.

Reason #1 It’s Only a Fad Short Lived Fantasy

Your resolution to quit will only survive on the excitement of the event. Once the last of the fireworks are lit and gone then so are your dreams and plans.

We were raised believing that everything should start afresh. We are part of a system wherein we are told to make resolutions each New Year to develop and improve further our well being.

Making changes to one’s life each year is noble.

This is true, the idea is correct but the problem is human nature. This factor was not taken into consideration when they made the equation about New Year’s Resolution.

Major changes in one’s life don’t exactly happen during New Year although it may happen for some but this is very rare.

Changes in life usually happen when you really want something so bad that you will risk and do anything to achieve it.

Let’s be honest, I made 18 resolutions to quit smoking in my lifetime and failed. Not only about quitting but other promises and affirmations as well.

Year after year. I shouted them, I wrote them, I carved them, I did almost anything with my quit smoking resolutions but the desire and motivation disappeared rapidly as fast as the days passed by. And I found myself smoking again a few days later after New Year.

Reason #2 The Desire to Quit Is Not Strong Enough

The desire to quit is usually developed by an upcoming event which of course this time is New Year.

If your desire is only based on an event that will dissipate in a matter of days then quitting is futile.

You will fail.

As I have mentioned before in my previous articles smokers who are already experiencing the negative effects of smoking will want to quit. So it is important to have a very strong desire in order to increase your chances of succeeding.

Everything starts with a desire and it is up to us to strengthen it until it becomes a burning obsession. And this is the only path that will lead to success.

At times some smokers were able to quit because life dictates it; a major disease such as cancer will motivate even the most addicted smoker in this planet.

Hopefully you will not get sick and this is the reason why we urge you to quit before something really bad happens to your health.

Reason #3 Don’t Wish It – Want It

There’s a big difference when you really want something rather than just merely wishing it to happen.

When you want something badly you exert the effort to acquire it. You won’t wait for another year nor wait for some miracle that will turn you into a non-smoker with the snap of a finger.

There is no magic pill nor any method that will make quitting painless for you. But, you can make your quitting bearable and easy through proper mindset.

If you really are serious in quitting and you can’t quit cold turkey then hard work is needed. You will need time to change your mindset or you might need to use quit aid products to help achieve your goal.

Reason #4 The Strength of Your Motivation Is Weak

Without motivation your desire to quit will disappear faster than the rising sun right after New Year. Your resolution will be forgotten as fast as the wind that passes by.

If you want to quit on New Year ’s Eve merely because everyone’s doing it then your motivation is weak. Your desire will not push you to achieve what you want because of lack of motivation.

Only motivated people succeed in this world if you are content with where you are right now dillydallying to move forward. Making resolutions alone will not make you a non-smoker. Trust me I’ve been there, it takes more than to commit yourself to quit.

You need to move on you need to take the first step and that is to strengthen your motivation.

Reason #5 There Will Always Be Another New Year

Most smokers will be able to abstain from smoking in a day or two after New Year. While some won’t last and will continue smoking once the last of the fireworks have been lit.

And the reason, “there will always be another New Year.”

It’s really funny which reminds me of the saying that if you can’t quit today, tomorrow will be another good day to quit.

This is another reason why quitting becomes difficult.

Procrastination is deadly. It inhibits growth and it hampers improvement.

There may be countless New Years but our lifespan is very limited. There may be another New Year coming but the money that will be wasted and the damage that will be accumulated; we may never know, before reaching the next year your body might soon surrender because of permanent damages brought by smoking.

So don’t procrastinate, start quitting now!

Discover the Real Meaning of New Year’s Resolution

I am not against New Year’s Resolution I’m pointing out eloquently the major facts why your quitting will fail and you can succeed by overcoming these shortcomings.

Amidst all of my talk about these quit smoking resolutions deemed to fail, I love making resolutions including quit smoking when I was still a smoker.


I like them because it reminds me of HOPE and it is HOPE that ignites the desire in all of us smokers to quit smoking. It reminds us that each year, the possibility of quitting is just within our reach.

Try to strengthen your desire, fuel your motivation and be serious about quitting. Don’t wait for another New Year. Try to quit as soon as you can. Save those hard earned cash and use it when you travel this year.

Don’t underestimate the power of prayer, if you believe in a Higher Being, ask for strength.

Have faith in yourself that you can do it. Let the New Year remind you that there will always be hope and with hope comes success.

I was in a position where I almost gave up quitting. I thought I have to accept my fate that I will smoke for the rest of my life. But with persistence, I succeeded in achieving my goal to become a non-smoker.

Remember if we have done it and so can you!

Happy New Year!

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