My Life Became Better Since I Quit Smoking

My name is Lydia May and I’m sharing my quit smoking experience.

It’s been 30 days now since I smoked my last cigarette.

I feel better, I eat better, I smell better, I breathe better and everything became better since I extinguished my final cigarette.

I can now go to the gym as often as I want to and now I can keep up with my dog during our morning walks.

But it wasn’t that easy. The first week was horrible but I lasted through, thanks to this blog and thanks to my husband’s support.

I studied in an exclusive school during college and this is where my smoking career started. Out of peer pressure 4 of my classmates convinced me to try smoking and I did. They said that it’s fashion (stupidity in my opinion) and people who sees us smoking will think that we’re part of unique elite group-social class (elite group of aliens).

I was able to hide my vice from my parents during college but right after graduation and after landing my first job, I was smoked in front of them. My mom got angry which of course is expected from mothers but my dad defended me that I already have a job and can sustain it.

So it went like this for a couple of years until I observed I was mutating, I was becoming an X-man, my lips were getting dark and so were my teeth. My skin looks dried and wrinkles were forming on my face.

Thank goodness I met my husband before I transformed into some kind of monster. He was one of our clients, and I’m really thankful he loved and accepted for what and who I am.

I tried quitting when I was in my early thirties but I could not. I already have two kids then and even when I was carrying them in my womb, I never quit smoking. My husband was very supportive, instead of getting angry at me, he understood that quitting is really difficult but hopefully one day I would have the strength to quit.

His father died because of stroke at a very early age, he was chain smoker and he doesn’t want me to follow his daddy’s footsteps. Thank goodness I wasn’t a chain smoker.

In my early forties, I tried quitting again but again I failed. I was carrying our youngest son and I really want to go thru this pregnancy without smoking. So what I did was just to minimize the cigarettes I was burning.

After giving birth, my weight increased to a level that the doctor advised me to change my lifestyle. I was feeling lethargic, I was dizzy all the time, my cough was getting worse and it was then that I took quitting seriously.

I read books, I attended seminars, but I just can’t succeed in quitting. I searched online until I found this blog which brought light about using NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) products.

I’m really fearful using these NRTs, I always believed that they will make you more addictive to nicotine and if something goes wrong, I might die due to overdose of nicotine and I can’t afford to die now as my youngest is only 2 years old!

After reading some of the comments and articles here I immediately bought a nicotine gum from Amazon.

I started planning and chose my quit date. Since I am still waiting for my gum to arrive, I told myself, I would try to quit cold turkey one last time.

So when the date arrived, I threw everything, lighters, cigarettes and ash trays. I was able to hold myself in the morning but when afternoon came while driving home, someone cut my lane and I was really upset and the first thing that came to my mind was to light a cigarette.

That was supposed to be my first day for 26 years without a smoke but I failed. After the cutting lane incident, I went straight to a gasoline station and bought a pack of cigarette.

Boy when I inhaled my first puff, I was dizzy and my knees were trembling. This was what I felt after quitting for almost 24 hours. It was then I realized that smoking is worse than being cut in your lane.

The gum arrived after a few days so I chose another quit date. This time I was more than prepared and I tied all loose ends that might bring my downfall.

September 27, 5:45AM. I popped my first gum. The taste was awful, I felt the spice in my mouth just as expected and followed instructions.

The morning went well. I was able to read the papers and drink coffee without lighting one. I had this urge but it was quite manageable, aside from being irritable all the times everything worked out fine.

I finished 5 pieces of gum on my first day and for the first time I was able to quit smoking. The second and third day was like hell, I was drooling all the time and I was very irritable.

There were strong urges but I did my best not to fall for them. I drank water, I walked, I went to the restroom to brush my teeth, I combed my hair, anything just to keep myself busy.

You know what’s funny?! I observed that the urges did not last more than 2 – 3 minutes, after that period, everything goes back to normal.

It really helps psychologically if you truly desire to quit.

On the fourth day I continued quitting but this time without the gum. I really hated the taste and it was giving me stomach disorders.

I was very irritable without the gum but I managed to endure all temptations. My husband was always there for me giving me support and everything I need to make the withdrawal symptoms bearable.

Now my lips are returning to its normal color and my skin is bringing back its radiance. I guess I mutated into something ugly because of smoking.

And today is my 30th day, congratulate me everyone and hopefully my story will inspire everyone who reads this to quit for good.

Congratulations Lydia May!

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