It’s All About Beliefs – Change Your Smoking Beliefs and Smoking Will Quit You

My wife has been very busy preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year (this coming Monday).

A day before the event, you would think you are in China Town once you enter our home.

You will see Chinese ornaments hanging around doors and windows and of course it will not be complete without those posters with funny characters posted in our front door. And this time the main character is a cute monkey.

Each year since we got married, she would drive me crazy asking me to do all sorts of stuff in preparation for this event. And she has this belief that by doing this and that, it would bring us good luck.

Well I don’t mind her and I will not stop her from doing this ritual.


Because this belief motivates her to work harder, to look for more clients, to be more productive and to be more successful in life.

Of course the real reason behind her success is us, her family, but this belief of acquiring good luck has its own charm in its own way.

And by the end of the day, once she gets home and see those funny posters, she starts smiling, releases her stress and becomes a sweet mom and wife.

If there are positive beliefs, there are certainly negative ones as well. Certain beliefs can be detrimental to our being, physically, mentally and financially and smoking belief being one of them.

During my time as a smoker, I couldn’t live without cigarettes. I couldn’t let the day go by without lighting a cigarette.

I strongly believed that smoking was the best outlet for stress and I was defending my addiction like a father who defends his children when they are in trouble.

It was not until I was having nightmares of having lung cancer that made me accept the truth, that I was simply an addict.

It was not until I changed my mindset that I realized that quitting was quite possible and doable.

It was not easy quitting, but I made my suffering during the withdrawal stage bearable by changing my belief system about smoking.

I accepted I was an addict. I accepted smoking was causing me stress and I finally accepted that smoking has given me nothing but sickness, worries and at times financial difficulties.

So what you can do right now is to start changing your beliefs and once you do this, everything will change.

Soon you will realize that the reason why you won’t succeed in quitting is because certain beliefs are holding you back.

Change the way you think about cigarettes and soon enough, before you realize it, you are half way to your goal in becoming a non-smoker.

Kung Hei Fat Choi Everyone.

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