The following people have submitted their story (including myself), please take the time to read them and hopefully by being part of our experience it may help you to quit smoking permanently.

  1. Ex-Smoker Carol
  2. Ex-Smoker Glenn
  3. Ex-Smoker Rahul
  4. Ex-Smoker MMP and Elizabeth
  5. Ex-Smoker Amy
  6. Ex-Smoker Mandi
  7. Ex-Smoker Christa
  8. Ex-Smoker Hanka
  9. Ex-Smoker JDH
  10. Ex-Smoker Mike. S.
  11. Ex-Smoker Benny
  12. Ex-Smoker Vanessa
  13. Ex-Smoker Mary
  14. Ex-Smoker – Mamaflo
  15. Ex-Smoker – Elaine Tyler
  16. Ex-Smoker – Olivia
  17. Ex-Smoker – Colin
  18. Ex-Smoker – Susie
  19. Ex-Smoker – Blogger Rudy

If you want to submit your experience or got anything to say, a useful article or post geared in helping smokers quit, please share them, read the submission guidelines.