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How to Quit Smoking Successfully


You’re reading this article because you finally decided to quit, congratulations you’ve take the first step. The difficulty in quitting smoking lies totally to the individual as each person varies from one another. My grandma for instance who smoked and chewed tobacco for so many years just quit cold turkey (as advised by her doctor) and never smoked again for her entire life (she’s 96 yrs old by the way). Despite these differences, I believe there is a common thing which could help smokers quit smoking for good. Based upon my experience, the books and articles I’ve read and based on the experience of ex-smokers I have spoken to, I hope the things I’ve written below will help you quit smoking and be free from this misery and slavery.

Have a Strong Desire to Quit

Every smoker who has smoked long enough has the desire to become an ex-smoker, correct me if I’m wrong but having a simple desire to quit is just not enough. No matter how many books, ebooks, audio books or manuals you read and hear, nicotine replacement stuff that you would use to your body, clinics you would enroll and attend, or programs that you will follow, if you don’t have the strong desire and determination to quit, chances are you are going to fail.

Write down your reason for quitting and the benefits you will get. The money you will save, a healthy body that will give you a long life and considering also your acceptance to society who are non-smokers. Start your first sentence by writing “I am now an ex-smoker…” followed by the things you want to say to yourself that would help you quit. After writing them down, read them, when you wake up, when you feel the urge to smoke, before you go to sleep, keep on reading them. By doing this, a strong desire will soon develop inside you.

You might underestimate the power of autosuggestion but it really works. Read them again and again until it reaches your subconscious mind. This is also how hypnotism works. The things you will read or say again and again to yourself will be accepted and you might be surprised how your body will react to help you quit smoking. Keep your notes always beside you.

Everything starts with a desire, make it strong until finally it becomes your obsession.

Make a Good Plan

Planning makes all the difference. If you will study your enemy well, you will soon discover its weaknesses and its subtle trap, from there you can start making your plans in fighting your opponent. This will make the chances of winning against your adversary most likely. Set a date when you will quit smoking permanently and make this date a memorable one. When the day comes, throw away all ash trays, lighters and cigarettes. Don’t even for once doubt your decision to quit, nicotine will do it’s best to trick you into smoking, don’t fall for it!

Observe carefully what event or action that triggers the most for you to crave to smoke. Make some plans to counter this cravings, instead of grabbing a cigarette, drink a glass of water or do some deep breathing, the cravings will only last for a couple of minutes and soon will go away. As each day passes by the cravings get weaker and weaker. The point here is, do something that will keep your mind off smoking.

Trust me if you can just last for 2 – 3 weeks, you would be very grateful you did, the cravings will go and controlling the habit and associations brought by smoking will soon be very easy.

Stop and Quit Permanently

When quitting day comes, remain committed don’t be tempted to buy or ask a cigarette, in short don’t ever think of buying or acquiring cigarettes through any extraordinary means (lol). Don’t envy the people you see who are smoking, have pity on them, they are slaves (sorry for saying this but it’s true) rather envy the non-smokers and ex-smokers. Now that you’ve committed yourself to quitting and made some plans you are now an ex-smoker. Keep on telling yourself that you are now free and you don’t need those cigarettes anymore.

Again don’t envy the smokers. Your smoking buddies or the smokers around you will still live in a miserable life. They still will keep on buying those filthy cigarettes, wasting their money for nothing. Unless they quit they will always stink, always coughing, catching their breathe and the chances of acquiring a disease is most likely as they keep on puffing and inhaling the smoke just to have their kick.

To help you give boost in your quitting, read and read again and again the things you have written in your desire why you are quitting and the benefits you will get. Say out loud “I quit smoking, I don’t smoke, I am now an ex-smoker!” Do it now please.

Don’t Quit Quitting

If you failed to quit or did not last the day without a cigarette or maybe you lasted 2 – 3 days without smoking but you slipped then start quitting again. If you are wondering how long will these withdrawal symptoms last, well it varies from one individual to another. For me it took 5 days before the withdrawal symptoms have any slight affect on me and another week before it left me completely.

Withdrawal symptoms are not painful, although they may cause irritation it’s up to you to convince yourself that it’s a healing process. Do everything in your command to control it, after reaching the third day things will become bearable and becoming an ex-smoker is already at your grasp.

In my experience the more I quit the more I cursed those cigarettes and the more I regret starting to smoke. As I went through my trial and error and failures I felt the guilt of wasting my money every time I buy those cigarettes. I continued quitting, I never gave up, until finally I succeeded.

I did quit and so did other ex-smokers out there and so can you!

Don’t Fall for The “Just One Stick” Trap

So finally you have stopped smoking for days or weeks or even months. There will come a time (during stressful or happy events) when some friends will offer you cigarettes and somewhere inside you this feeling of emptiness will come. You will be reminded of the bad ‘ol smoking days and out of nowhere a feeling that you want to smoke will tempt you. Don’t ever ever fall for this trap. It’s only one stick you might say but try to reconsider. The first stick will taste awful, will smell awful will make you dizzy and make you curse why you light up that cigarette, but deep down inside you the craving and addiction can start all over again and will lead you again to a miserable smoking life which you have just left behind.

During the first few months right after I quit smoking, these kinds of moments come and go, but after denying and disregarding these urges, soon they will just pass your thoughts like clouds passing by and soon theses thoughts will stop bothering you. Keep in mind that if non-smokers are tempted to smoke what more of ex-smokers. Tobacco companies and nicotine manufacturers (e-cigarettes) are spending millions in advertisements to pull in some customers, so watch them out very carefully. But if your desire from the very beginning is strong enough you will last the remaining time of your life a happy ex-smoker.

Proper conditioning of the mind through autosuggestion will greatly help you in quitting smoking. Becoming an ex-smoker is the best thing that will happen to your life. When I was able to quit, it was not only the best thing that happened in my life, for me it was a miracle and you too can make that miracle.

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Stay motivated, discover the positive benefits knowing what happens when you quit smoking for good.


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