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Great Reasons Why You Need to Quit Smoking Right Now


It’s difficult to quit smoking that’s a fact no questions asked. I’ve seen many people who started to quit but never actually succeeded. To achieve your goal by quitting smoking permanently only means you have to conquer the withdrawal symptoms that will affect you physically and psychologically. And because it’s all in the mind, this difficulty in quitting can be made easy through proper mind conditioning and by having a positive mental approach in stopping smoking.

Nicotine is Simply an Amazing Substance

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substance here on earth. This chemical has two personalities, it is a stimulant but at the same time depressant; contradicting but this what it really does to your body, it makes you feel relaxed yet stimulated. And because for this reason why this substance is so addictive.

Like any other forms of addiction, nicotine is very difficult to handle. Most quitters I’ve known have never said that quitting smoking is as easy as counting 1-2-3. If it were, then there would be no people left struggling to quit. However, it’s not all bad news out there, because by developing the right attitude and strong determination, you can join those who have successfully quit day after day and year after year.

Almost all smokers I know want to stop their stupid habit and addiction. But there are also those who have been utterly blinded that they think cigarettes are giving them inner peace in their lives. So whether you are prepared to quit smoking right now or not, below are some disturbing facts that could help you change your mind. And if you don’t want to quit yet (which sounds foolish) it would at least strengthen your determination to take a step further and stop smoking permanently. If knowing what happens when you quit smoking did not motivate you, please finish reading this article.

Bad Health Effects of Smoking

Smoking kills, you are fortunate because the negative effects on your health are not immediate. Although it is a fact that we will all die soon but smoking will speed things up. Depending on how much time you plan to stay alive, I suggest you start making plans on quitting smoking. If you have been smoking heavily about 20 cigarettes a day, experts estimate that you will lose seven years of your life’s expectancy. In addition, smoking accounts in one of every five deaths in the United States alone.

Smoking damages your lungs. Have you ever heard the saying “Nothing else matters if you can’t breathe?” This phrase is true to the very end! If you want bronchitis, smokers cough, pulmonary disease, emphysema or lung cancer, then ignore this post and keep smoking. If you don’t believe me, next time you cough check the color of your phlegm and I assure you it’s dark as a smoke pit (yikes).

Your heart doesn’t like smoking either. If you’re damaging your lungs, don’t think that your heart will be left out. Most of the time, these two vital organs work hand-in-hand which translates that if the other one will fail the other, follows. Smoking narrows down your blood vessels and increases the load of the platelets in your blood thereby raising the chances of a blood clot. It also robs away the precious oxygen needed by your vital organs and increases the risk of heart attack. This alone will make you decide to quit smoking right now.

No Longer Accepted by Our Society and Community

Smoking is generally bad, admit it, it’s the first step needed to quit smoking for good. Apart from turning your teeth to yellow, giving you heart and lung diseases, smoking also gives you hoards of other related illnesses such as high blood pressure, gum diseases, stomach ulcers, various cancers and loss of taste.

I know those health effects didn’t bother you that much, now try this one. Do you see your place in the society or community? Smoking makes you an outcast in our society because of the second hand smoke you pass. If you are intelligent enough, you will notice people covering their nose whenever you pass by them because you stink. Yes, I’ll say it again, you and other smokers out their stink. This is one of the great reasons that budged me to quit. Your fingers, your clothes, your hair, and almost everything about you stink. Believe me it does.

Smoking is very expensive. As a heavily taxed commodity, this vice could be costing you as much as $x,xxx a year! That’s a four digit expenditure, try to think about that for a minute. Instead of using the cost of smoking for some productive activities like travel, you are just using the money for something that is only making your life miserable.

The Benefits of Quitting

If you quit smoking right now, you’ll change everything. That’s correct. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been smoking for one or twenty years, once you quit smoking, your body will undergo changes that are beneficial to your health. In 20 minutes, your blood pressure drops, after 24 hours the risk of heart attack reduces and after one year, the risk of heart related diseases cuts half from that of a smoker and after many many years, you will once again claim your place among non-smokers.

So what are you waiting for, you’ve reached the end of this post and it means only one thing, you have taken the first step to quit so give up smoking today!


  1. I been smoking for 20y its now 7days I quit but I’m using champex my fear is when I stop the tabs I will want to smoke again did anyone use champex I’m no have any side effects

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