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Simple Yet Effective Quit Smoking Tips


There are many factors in your life which you must change if you really want to quit smoking successfully. Your whole lifestyle must be changed because your existing lifestyle right now and the way you think have been carved cunningly by your addiction to nicotine. Everything in your life has been designed brilliantly that the need or urge to light a cigarette will start once certain activities present themselves. Listed below are some simple tips to help you quit your habit and addiction permanently.

This is a lengthy post, if your time is limited, please do bookmark this web page and come back to finish it. I know you are sick and tired smoking and this article is here to help you. I promise you, you won’t regret reading this wonderful article. Thank you for visiting this site – have a good day! – Rudy

The World is Round Not Flat – Accept the Truth!

There was a time when people thought that the world was flat. People will think you are someone different (a witch maybe?!) if you will say that the world is round during those times. This is the similar with the world that smokers live in. They have false beliefs in their mind that have blinded them from seeing and accepting the truth. They believe that the world is flat and they will fall over once they reach the ends of what they see in their vision across the oceans. And if you want to learn how to stop smoking the easy way, you have to accept the truth that the world is round; in short you have to accept that smoking is doing nothing good to you even one damn bit.

Smokers basically believe that smoking is making them feel good. They believe that quitting smoking will make them gain weight, make them sick, make them feel empty and bored which in fact all of these beliefs are not true. Gaining weight once you quit is a fallacy; you gain weight because your taste buds improve and you develop unhealthy eating diet unconsciously to replace your habit and addiction to nicotine which in turn will make you obese.

So if you want to know how to stop smoking the easy way, change first the way that you believe about smoking. Nicotine addiction is bad, accept the truth and you are half way in reaching your goal in becoming a non-smoker.

Truth About Quit Smoking Side Effects

The belief that you will get sick if you quit abruptly must also be removed from your mind. Did you know that quitting cold turkey is the best method in stopping your nicotine addiction? This method requires you to quit instantly without cutting down your intake of nicotine. Have you ever wondered why nicotine is legal? It is legal because withdrawal symptoms are not serious compared to other highly addictive drugs.

And if you ever got sick right after quitting, keep in mind that your body is just adjusting from the absence of nicotine. A cough is the only way to cleanse your lungs from tar, so expect to have a cough once you quit. Keep in mind that no doctor will tell you to start smoking again when you get sick right after quitting. The truth is you are actually prolonging your life once you quit unless of course you have already acquired a major disease which is already spreading inside your body. So before this happens, don’t fear about the side effects of quitting smoking that may or may not happen and stop your addiction immediately.

Don’t Develop Unhealthy Eating Habit

We can’t find any direct correlation between smoking and weight loss, but many people felt that if they quit smoking, they would gain weight. The truth is smoking suppresses the appetite for certain types of food and when the suppression is gone, say hello to the insatiable appetite. It also serves as a meal terminator, so instead of eating deserts, smokers light a cigarette to satisfy nicotine withdrawal symptoms and urges.

Gaining weight is much easier to control than smoking. Furthermore, the risks of smoking far outweigh the risk you get if you add 5 pounds to your weight. As soon as your lungs are smoke-free, you can start dealing with your weight head on which is much easier.

It’s a fact that not everyone who quits smoking has gained weight, so you may want to scratch that reasoning off your chart. Some people gained 5 pounds after quitting, but this may not be true in your case.

Keep in mind that smoking is not only an addiction, it is also a habit and the best way to break a habit is to replace it. This is why many become overweight once they quit because they develop another bad habit, which is unhealthy eating to replace the old one. So start right at the beginning; choose an activity to replace your smoking habit that will not bring any problems in the future like drinking a glass of water whenever you feel the urge to smoke.

Don’t Drink During Your Quitting Period

The quitting period usually is from 3 to 4 weeks and it will all depend on the individual who is trying to stop. So avoid drinking at all cost during this period, unless you can asses yourself that you could control smoking successfully.  This is the reason why having the mindset of a non-smoker is very important. On the other hand, ff you are a moderate frequent drinker and you can’t live without alcohol (hopefully you are not an alcoholic), limit your consumption to one drink in a week.

Alcohol is cigarette’s best friend because these two addictive substances give you that temporary boost which in reality does not really exist. So again if you are a frequent and moderate drinker, then it’s time first to quit drinking totally so you could control smoking easily. Bear in mind that alcohol will always be there waiting for you in parties once you quit smoking and better still, live a life without nicotine and alcohol. And if you think you have some drinking problems, then this is something far more serious and you must do something to know how to stop drinking.

The Only Person Who Can Force Yourself to Smoke is You

Another reason why many people fail to quit smoking is because they blame having their co-workers, boss, neighbors, friends and even some family members that smoke around them. It’s not easy to quit when you are around with smokers indeed, but it is not impossible, and it’s very improbable to stay away from them forever either. You have to do something and there are many things and best ways to quit smoking which you can utilize to help you stop. This is the reason why you need to prepare yourself physically, psychologically, and emotionally to successfully quit.

Other Effective Simple Quit Smoking Tips

If you are starting to learn how to quit smoking, don’t just sit there and be a couch potato.  A light physical activity is what you need on top of your other coping strategies. This will help flush out toxins out of your body and prevent any additional weight from creeping into your system.

Do some exercise. Nicotine will be flushed away from your system on an average of 72 hours right after quitting. After reaching this stage, urges and withdrawals symptoms will soon become weak. So help the body flush out this bad chemical out of your body by sweating it out.

Nurture yourself. Maintain the mind frame of a non-smoker. One you extinguish your last cigarette, you become a non-smoker and non-smokers do not need to smoke when they are dealing with stress. The best way to quit smoking is to understand your capabilities and not turning to cigarettes or alcohol every time something gets messy. Learn the art of self-soothing when anxiety and stress fall in your lap.

Use auto-suggestion or self-suggestion. Do not underestimate the power of the mind. Allen Carr in his book admitted that hypnotism greatly helped him in quitting smoking. You don’t need to go to a hypnotist to utilize this power, just write positive things why you want to quit then keep on reading them many times a day. Visualize also as much as you can that you are already a non-smoker. Do this often as much as you can and soon your will be surprised of the outcome.

Keep a quit smoking book beside you. This is one great method to fight panic attacks brought by smoking urges. As of today, I have a copy of Allen Carr’s book “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.” I’ve read the book many times and I have marked certain chapters, sentences and paragraphs and will go straight to them to remind me how foolish I was when I was still a smoker. Even though there are many points which the author and I don’t agree, still, this book is one of the best that will help you quit. Guess I will write a book of my own in the near future (LOL).

Eat nutritious, healthy and varied meals. Avoid too much consumption of fatty and fried foods. Instead, go for fresh fruits and veggies. Try one of those sumptuous low-fat meals that you will actually love to eat.

Drink lots of water. Smoking cessation is usually accompanied by being thirsty. Drink at least eight glasses of water. It will make you feel full and help in flushing out the toxins. Keep a bottle of water with your all the time to fight nicotine withdrawal symptoms each time they attack.

Take a walk. Go for a light walk if you feel the need to light a smoke. A proven stress buster and helps get rid of the desire. It also burns calories, and so it cuts the weight off your body.

Be proud of yourself that you’re quitting. Don’t forget that you will only reap the benefits of quitting smoking once you quit. You know it’s not going to be an easy route but a challenging path to take not because someone told you to do that, but you want to live a long, healthy and fruitful life.

Hopefully these simple tips will strengthen your determination to quit smoking. You are stronger and wiser more than what you think you are. I believe in you my friend (everyone of us do) and all we ask in return is for you to believe in yourself and quit smoking today!


  1. Great tips! I quit smoking last New Year’s eve and hopefully will become a permanent non-smoker. Those tips mentioned sure does really works.

  2. Great post, I’ve visited authority sites about quitting smoking and never strengthened me to quit. But this post really strikes something that will push you to stop your nicotine addiction. Looking myself in the mirror makes me realize how ugly and stinky I have become. Let’s all quit everyone!

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