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I hated the smell, I hated the taste and I especially hated the damage it was doing to my health and pocket yet I kept on smoking.

People avoided me. People covered their noses whenever I enter the elevator. And I could hear the thoughts of my co-employees saying “You stink so much, get out of here,” yet I kept on smoking.

One time I cursed a store because they won’t accept credit card payment and I stupidly ran out of cash.

Thank Heavens my place is a quiet and peaceful place. A dozen times I found myself walking in the middle of the night because I ran out of cigarettes.

Fortunately, that was years ago when I was still a smoker. My life sucked and it was run by my addiction to nicotine. Yesterday is over.

Today I enjoyed the beautiful sunset when I took my regular run. And now as I write, I could still see and marvel the beautiful red, orange and purple colors that formed in the horizon a few minutes after the sun retired for the day. And the smell of the sea brings back the memories of my early childhood.

It’s pleasant if you have the time to enjoy the beauty of mother nature. And it’s awesome to take a deep breathe and savor the fresh air around you. Which I couldn’t have done so if I was always rushing to get my doze of nicotine.

This was something I never enjoyed when I was still a nicotine junkie.

As for tomorrow, one thing is definite; I am not going back to my previous life as a smoker. I know there will be ups and downs. I know there will be temptations. I know there will be unguarded moments. And I do know that cigarette manufacturers will keep on spending millions of dollars for their marketing campaign in order to acquire a new or pull back an old customer.

But I believe as long as I do my best to help smokers quit, as long as I have my valued readers and as long as we all get stay connected; you can beat this addiction and we can avoid these sinister relapses.

If you are still smoking, join us, commit yourself, choose your quit date and get started quitting. Keep in mind that today will become yesterday, so make the most of it while you plan and create your wonderful life ahead of you.

If you have already quit successfully, then let’s stay connected. Share your story so we can inspire someone or two to become a non-smoker.

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