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Things to Do and Not to Do During & After Your Quitting Smoking Period


I mentioned the phrase “quitting smoking period,” and with that, I mean it is from the time you extinguish your final cigarette until such time that you are living your life normally back without the slightest urge of lighting a cigarette. And this runs from 3 – 4 weeks.

Don’t forget, you are quitting in order to become a non-smoker. If you still crave and mop for a cigarette after that period then you are not yet a non-smoker and something is definitely wrong. You have to work out hard to remove the brainwashing that is in your mind. Using autosuggestion is quite effective.

So you have finally decided to quit smoking for good. You now have a strong desire and that is the first step in quitting smoking. The second step is to ask yourself, how much are you willing to give or sacrifice in order to attain your freedom from nicotine addiction?

Keep in mind that you are giving up nothing, you are just trying to cure yourself from being an addict. The benefits of quitting smoking are priceless like I always say not only about the money you will save but the health you will also preserve to see your grandkids grow up.

Before we continue, you must first accept that smoking has done nothing beneficial to you, physically, emotionally and psychologically. The truth is smoking has stolen your money, time, health and respect.

The things I shared with you down below are not “absolute rules.” I am just sharing my experience and the experience of other smokers whom I have interviewed and talked to.

Following what I have outlined below will help increase your chances of quitting.

Things Not to Do When Quitting Smoking

Don’t Drink Alcohol

I am an occasional drinker and one of the reasons I have continuously failed quitting smoking before is because of alcohol. It was when I studied for the CPA exams that I was able to quit successfully obviously because I abstained from drinking.

So if you are in your quitting period, please try to avoid drinking unless you are certain you could control yourself from smoking. Again it will all depend on you; prevention is better than cure. As my father used to say, alcohol and parties will always be there waiting for you.

Based on my experience, I tried drinking 5 days after extinguishing my final cigarette; the urge came but I was able to control it. I easily did that by internalizing and visualizing myself feeling dizzy and awful. And since then I was happy drinking every occasion as a non-smoker.

Don’t Mingle with Smokers

I didn’t say to “totally and permanently avoid” the company of smokers, you just do this temporarily during your quitting period. You have to avoid temptation at all cost. You have to control your addicted mind or else it will control you.

Don’t Be Curious

Once you have quit smoking for a week; you will soon despise the smell of cigarettes. You will try to avoid smokers because the smell of a burning tobacco will really sting your nose. It is quite normal to be curious and see what happens when you light a cigarette, but please don’t ever do this. Don’t let curiosity get over you.

If you really want to know what it feels? You will feel dizzy, you will feel miserable and guilty. It will taste bad and you will stink. On the other hand, nicotine will work quickly in your mind to make you an addict once again.

Don’t forget that you became a nicotine addict with one stick of cigarette and if you will light one after quitting, I tell you it is simply suicide.

Avoid Temptations – Don’t Watch Movies or Shows That Will Tempt You to Smoke

Correct me if I’m wrong but once you see your favorite protagonist chasing the bad guys away together with a cute chick and see him smoking; this scenario will definitely send you in a frenzy mood to light a cigarette. So try to avoid them during your quitting period. Marketing strategies of tobacco companies is everywhere around you.

Things To Do When Quitting Smoking

Throw Away Cigarettes and Smoking Utensils

After choosing your quit date, prepare yourself, start practicing, read quit smoking articles or books (repeatedly). When your quit date is about to arrive (let’s say tomorrow) throw everything (lighters, remaining cigarettes, ash trays) before going to sleep.

When you finally extinguish your last cigarette, rejoice, don’t allow fear, anxiety and panic attacks dictate your life. REJOICE, say a little prayer, read your written statements, articles or books and go to sleep.

Use Auto-Suggestion / Read Quit Smoking Books or Articles

As I have mentioned many times, the best thing that you could do to make quitting easy for you is to saturate your mind about giving up smoking. Again, always keep a printed material beside you and keep on reading it. It maybe a quit smoking book or statements you picked up while reading about giving up nicotine addiction.

Your subconscious mind can do wonders for you once you learn how to utilize it. Even Allen Carr in his book admitted that hypnotism helped him in quitting smoking. So don’t underestimate the power of autosuggestion. Buy a quit smoking book or print articles and keep them beside you and read them again and again.

Learn Techniques in Relieving Stress

Deep breathing, meditation and other relaxation techniques are very helpful in coping up with panic attacks. Try it right now, if you feel the urge to smoke, don’t stand up and light one. Sit down, relax, take a deep breathe and say to yourself slowly “smoking is bad.” Do it 3 times and you will be amazed how the urge will leave you.

Visit Quit Smoking Websites or Forums

While surfing the Internet, for fun, shopping or research, try to visit quit smoking websites (like this one) or forums. This will reinforce and strengthen your desire to quit. You will also meet other people who are quitting just like you and will motivate you further knowing you are not alone in this journey.

Seek Support from Smoking Buddies

Before your quit date arrives, talk to your smoking buddies that you will temporarily avoid them because you want to quit successfully. Many of course will give you a sarcastic smile and say “good luck.” Don’t be affected, remember you goal is to become a non-smoker not to show them that you could quit successfully. And I am sure many will follow your footsteps as soon as you become a non-smoker.

Read Quit Smoking Tips

I will save some space in this article and direct you to this link (Tips to Quit Smoking) it outlines things that you should do like drinking plenty of water, doing exercise, etc.

Things to Do After Quitting Smoking

Live a Normal Life and Avoid Smoking Relapse

After your quitting period you may now live your life normally. You will discover soon that you could climb the stairs without catching your breath. You will feel energetic and joyful at all times.

Although the battle is done, watch out for smoking relapse. Again I will repeat, temptation to smoke is for everyone. Regardless of sex, age or race; whether you are a non-smoker or an ex-smoker, advertisements is aimed at everyone specially the teens. So do your best not to fall again in this trap.

Don’t Laugh at Smokers – They Need Our Help

When I reached the period wherein I could proudly say I was already a non-smoker. I would laugh deep inside whenever I see some of my office mates feeling jittery because they want to smoke and could not. I observed how they eat so fast in order to satisfy their body with nicotine. I would joke on my office mates occasionally when their 15 minute work breaks arrive. And I really despise approaching a smoker even in parties because they stink.

In time I realized that I was like them before and they should not be looked upon as something different from the rest of the society. Smokers need our help; it is our responsibility to help them.

Just make sure you don’t allow yourself to get influenced (relapse), rather you should influence them in quitting smoking.

So what are you waiting for? Make the decision today – quit smoking and become the next happy non-smoker.


  1. If all the smokers in the world could have a look at the tips here and practice them, I am sure that a handful, at least, would be able to get rid of their smoking habits in no time. However, it appears that most of us smokers would rather keep lamenting about our habits rather than genuinely find help.

  2. I still believe in the power of the mind
    we can all touch the sky in our own way. quitting cagarettes is a doorway to understanding ourselves. you can always achieve anything

    • I agree 100%. Just quit smoking yesterday. I feel great, and have not a single craving. Although I’m already coughing up stuff, I feel really proud of myself and now I will never go back. Props to anyone that has quit or is going to quit.
      (wisdom teeth extraction helped me with this)

  3. hi my name is claire iv been a smoker for only 3years seems a life time though i havent had a fag for a day and a half now but i am really feeling the strain and i keep chewing gum but i have noticed im eating a lot more junk food. please give me some tips on what can help me though this.

    • Claire,

      I’ve just quit, using Champix, no side effects and no cravings
      Go for it, This will definately help you… good luck
      P.S> I was a smoker for twenty six years!!

  4. Interesting blog with some great tips. I think trying to live life as normal is the most important and what most people forget.

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