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Ex-Smoker – Elaine Tyler – My Ups and Downs in Giving Up Smoking


Testimonial – this is a contributed article from Elaine Tyler.

I would like to announce that I am now an ex-smoker (for two weeks) and it was a very easy thing for me to do once I realized that all the normal ways of quitting just were not going to work for me.

I’m 62 years old, began smoking in college when my best friend there encouraged me to have a drag off her cigarette. As sick as it made me, she encouraged me to try again and get myself used to it, then I’d like it’!!

(How I wish I had strangled her instead, but back in the ’60’s it was kind of cool to smoke, or so I thought).

I quit when I got pregnant in 1967 and that was no problem since I had an important reason, and I swear, they weren’t that addictive back then.

When my daughter was about 4 years old, Kent I think it was, sent me a free pack of cigarettes in the mail.

I think there were 4 or 5 in this very distinguished looking pack. I remember my neighbor and I saying, well, they’re free. We might as well. And THAT was my downfall.

I had a very successful smoking career of about 25 years. In 1995, my dear husband (also a smoker) was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. While everyone was screaming at he and I to QUIT this awful habit NOW, it was too late for him. Even the doctor said, it won’t cure you to quit. The cat is already out of the bag. With all the stress of going through his treatment and ultimate death 9 months later, do you think for one moment I was anywhere close to quitting? No.

I have always felt like I was a considerate smoker and if someone didn’t like my smoking (since I never smoked inside their homes or cars, or blow smoke in their faces)that they could just stay away. I felt like they were rude, inconsiderate people!

Jumping to the chase here, I moved to Canada six months ago. I found a beautiful basement apartment near my daughter and grandson. Even though the landlord and landlady HATE smoking, they liked me and agreed to rent to me once I promised that I only smoked outside, and only one or two per day/night while in Canada since they cost so much here (10.00 a pack!)

My daughter hates smoking too, and I babysit my grandson daily, so there really has been no cheating in that regard. I was happy with my one or two at night before bedtime, and outside of course.

Right around Christmas time, I saw an ad for Smart Smoker on the internet, and I ordered this. It promised to make you feel like you were really smoking but was a fake cigarette that looks like a regular cigarette, the end of it turns red when you inhale, and you even blow something out that looks like smoke. So I ordered it and got it. Once I figured out how to put the thing together, I was amazed that it gave me the same feeling as smoking.

However, I kind of put it away for another day and continued my one or two cigarette/s per night until, that is, the weather was turning much colder, and it was uncomfortable to go outside especially when it was raining, sleeting or snowing. Soon I realized I was not smoking every day (not using the Smart Smoker either) but was smoking maybe 5 per week, which dwindled down to 3 per week and then, alas, I ran out.

I have never been the type who could set a quit date and just stop on that date. I have never been successful at quitting smoking because every endeavor to do so meant that I was thinking of cigarettes 24 hours of every day. I have also never been one who could quit cold turkey and THROW away cigarettes i had bought anymore than I could have thrown away real MONEY.

But now I was out of cigarettes, and I had cut down gradually without really trying which I suppose was somehow decreasing my addiction. I was okay for a couple of days, and then I found my Smart Smoker and took a few whiffs off that. Again, I was satisfied.

A week ago, I was in a restaurant with some friends and some lady came over to our table to visit with us (twice during the evening) and as she knelt by our table right beside me to converse, i was nearly blown away by the smoke smell on her coat. I realized finally how badly it smelled and that everything everyone had told me was true!

I’m just saying that for me, I had to stop thinking about quitting and stop planning on quitting, and that just by cutting down gradually because of the temperature outside and so forth, I finally realized, after the fact, hey, I quit smoking and didn’t even plan it or know it! I have my Smart Smoker right beside me in case I feel the need for a drag, but I rarely do.

I have to say that if I had smoking friends or family around me, I’m not sure this would be this easy. And I plan to stay far away from every smoking person I know until I am for sure this is going to work!

Good luck to everyone who is trying. I would suggest going to visit someplace where you have to smoke outside in the wintertime!


***Thank you very much for sharing your story / Rudy

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