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You Will Never Quit Smoking Until You Control Your Smoking Anxiety Attacks


Let me start this post with a funny story.

A few years back, scientists would like to find out the effects of long-term smoking in space.

They wanted to know if gravity, in anyway, has certain effects to the smoker. So, they arranged an experiment to send a smoker in space to find out.

They chose a healthy smoker who will stay in space for 6 months with the corresponding supply of cigarettes to last him for that period.

So they sent this guy and waited for 6 months before he returns back to earth.

After the 6 months was over, the young smoker came back.

When they brought him to the lab, everyone was shocked to see him. He was so skinny you could hardly recognize him and he was shaking vigorously.

The scientists were curious as hell, so they asked him, “what happened?”

“Was this the effect of you smoking for 6 months in space?” they continued.

And before the poor guy could reply, the scientists were assuming that there is an adverse effect if you smoke in space.

The poor guy looked at the 5 scientists that were waiting for his reply and said, “Damn, I forgot to bring a lighter.”

One of the factors that makes quitting difficult is anxiety.

Once fear starts, it rolls out causing a snowball effect. The feeling of needing and wanting aggravates quickly. Soon enough, every inch of you will be in panic mode.

Let me give you an example.

During the peak of my smoking career, anxiety would strike each time I forgot to bring a lighter.

As soon as I realize this and finds out that no one else has a lighter in the room, I would do anything at all cost to get one.

I experienced walking in the middle of the night just to buy one from the nearest gasoline station. I experienced borrowing money from someone I hardly know because I don’t have any cash on hand.

I did all these foolishness because of my addiction to nicotine. This is one thing that you should be aware of to increase your odds in quitting.

Forgetting your lighter is just one of the many situations that causes smoking panic attacks. You should be able to recognize them and be prepared for them when such events occur.

The good thing is, these anxiety attacks are not life threatening and can easily be ignored. It is mainly caused by the addictive part of your brain.

I learned that the more I ignored my anxiety attacks, the more they became manageable. And the more I controlled them the less they controlled me.

Quitting is a journey. I didn’t quit overnight.

It was a long journey, it took days, weeks, months, years until I finally reached my goal.

There were moments I almost gave up quitting. The thought of smoking until I die frequently crossed my mind.

But I never gave up. I expanded my understanding, and I furthered my knowledge about smoking. Along the way I developed self-discipline, will-power, patience and persistence.

Going back, once you feel the anxiety kicking in, remind yourself that this feeling is not real and will go away by itself.

Do something to keep your thoughts at bay. Make yourself busy. Eat a candy or chew a gum. Talk to a non-smoker. Walk your dog to the park. Do something to let go of your bad thoughts and replace them with good ones.

You can do this. I have quit successfully and trust me, so can you.

Quit today, don’t be afraid of the side effects of quitting smoking.

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