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55 Reasons Why You Need to Quit Smoking


As of the time of this writing, a pack of cigarette costs an average of $6.50 per pack here at my place (Northern Mariana Islands, USA).

  1. BE HEALTHY – This is most important benefit YET it is the LEAST thing that motivates smoker to QUIT. If you want more stamina, endurance, energy and vigor, then STOP.
  2. LIVE LONGER – This is pretty obvious, your life will lengthen once you quit. Don’t argue about a handful of smokers who lived long lives; it only means that their life could have been longer if they hadn’t smoked at the first place.
  3. SAVE MONEY – Did you know that you start saving money on the very first day you quit? If you’re a day a pack smoker like me, you can immediately start saving $6.00 to $7.00 dollars a day.
  4. PERFORM BETTER IN BED – It’s pretty straightforward. This is my favorite. Hope you don’t mind I am placing it fourth.
  5. SLEEP LIKE A BABY –Right now you have two choices. Keep on smoking and let the worries of lung cancer, emphysema and other terrible diseases haunt you. Or you can stop your addiction and sleep peacefully at night.
  6. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY – Fifteen minutes smoke break in the morning and another fifteen minutes break in the afternoon. Not counting the minutes you can’t focus on your job because you want to smoke and you’re not allowed to. Don’t waste time, be productive.
  7. LESS VISITS TO THE DENTIST – Well, it’s self explanatory. Brushing alone will not remove the stains from your teeth. So do your teeth a favor and quit.
  8. LESS VISITS to the DOCTOR –Do you know the first question a doctor asks on his first encounter with his patients, “Do you smoke?” Obviously, smoking can cause a lot of sickness.
  9. STOP SMELLING SHIT – Smelling like a smoke pit is one motivating factor that pushed me to quit ASIDE from my paranoia about having lung cancer.
  10. DEVELOP SELF-DISCIPLINE – Quitting successfully means you have developed self-discipline. Without it, no matter how motivated you are, the chances of failure is high.
  11. NO SECOND HAND SMOKE – We all know the dangers of second hand smoke. Have you ever thought about your family (wife and kids)? Regardless, don’t spread your second hand smoke. Respect the health of others.
  12. AVOID CIGARETTE BURNS– Cigarette burns can’t be avoided if you are a smoker. No matter how careful you are in handling your cigarette, there will come a time a burning ash will land and leave cigarette burns on your precious items.
  13. LOOK YOUNGER – Smokers look older than their age, period. I myself looked way too older than my real age was. But when I quit, I was surprised how fast my body reversed the aging caused by smoking.
  14. ATTRACT MEN / WOMEN – The last thing I wanted to do is to date a smoker. I’m not being bias but I am just sharing my honest opinion. I am just lucky I guess because my wife married me even if I was a smoker before. And I can’t describe how happy she was when I quit smoking.
  15. STOP ANXIETY ATTACKS – Are you running out of cigarettes? Did you lose or left your lighter at home? Don’t panic! It’s false anxiety attack.
  16. STAY FOCUSED – Now who says that smoking helps you stay focused, that’s exactly the opposite. When you crave for cigarettes, you can’t concentrate, you can’t focus and you become irritable.
  17. STOP SMOKERS’ COUGH – Once you start smoking, you will be coughing all the time. The body has powerful healing capabilities so it will try to clean your lungs as you smoke. So expect to cough every now and then and expect yucky phlegm coming out of your lungs.
  18. REDUCED INSURANCE PREMIUM – Like doctors, life insurance sales people’s first question is “Do you smoke?” Life insurance will balloon if you are a smoker. Of course their risk will go up so they have to offset this risk by increasing your monthly payments.
  19. MINIMIZE CAR ACCIDENTS – Based on surveys, one factor that adds up to car accidents is smoking. At times a driver is distracted because he can’t find his lighter or his driving got distracted because he burned himself accidentally while smoking.
  20. MAKE the SPOUSE HAPPY – If your spouse is not a smoker, she will be the happiest wife on earth once you quit. Don’t believe me?! Ask your wife to kiss a non-smoker and see the difference.
  21. MAKE the KIDS HAPPY – Your children will be happy and grateful as well. When I was young I was always worried because my dad was a chain smoker. Unfortunately that worry disappeared when I started smoking. And eventually my worries came true when my dad died of stroke. The doctor said it was “respiratory failure.” It means that it was smoking that killed him. I don’t want my children to experience what I experienced and I don’t want to pose sickness by polluting the air with second hand smoke.
  22. INCREASED ENDURANCE –Can you still climb the stairs non-stop until you reach the third floor without catching your breath? I don’t think so.
  23. LESS STRESS – Nicotine cravings are very stressful. Try to imagine a situation where you want to smoke but you’re not allowed to. You become irritable, restless and the more you think about smoking the more it will MAKE you nuts.
  24. MAKE MORE FRIENDS – Birds of the same feathers flock together. Smoking is no longer an accepted fad in the society. Unlike in the 60’s where everyone thinks you’re cool if you smoke, today the world of smoker is getting smaller. If you want to have more friends then quit smoking and be cool.
  25. WORK COMFORTABLY – Imagine a workplace where you can focus without being distracted by cravings or urges to smoke. You can work straight and be more productive rather than going out for smoke breaks every 2 hours or so.
  26. TRAVEL EACH YEAR – Set aside the money that you will save once you quit. It will guarantee you a travel year after year.
  27. BECOME A ROLE MODEL – Everyone knows how difficult it is to quit. And once you succeed, everyone will see you as someone who has achieved something great. And you will become a role model to smokers.
  28. ENJOY FOOD BETTER – Your taste bud is one of the organs that will improve right after you quit. You will soon appreciate the taste of the food that you are eating. This is the reason why so many quitters gain weight after quitting. The food tastes better so they tend to eat more. Try to watch your weight as soon as you quit. Don’t become obese; don’t replace smoking with another unhealthy habit.
  29. MINIMIZE GUM AND CANDIES – You don’t have to be reminded that you smell like a shit after smoking especially when you speak. Minimize your consumption of gum and candies by quitting.
  30. SAVE COST ON COLOGNE / PERFUME – Almost same with gum and candies, minimize the use of cologne and perfume to mask your STINKING smell.
  31. BOOST CONFIDENCE – Boost your confidence by preventing stained teeth, dark lips, dry skin and bad breath.
  32. LESS WRINKLE BUILD UP – True, smokers look a lot older than their age. Because smoking dries skin, it will lose its elasticity and overtime and it will develop wrinkles.
  33. SMILE BETTER – Without stained teeth, you will smile better.
  34. BECOME SMARTER – Who is the smarter person in the room, the person who continues to smoke or the person who has quit?
  35. PEACE OF MIND – Peace of mind is priceless. You will last the day confidently and you will retire peacefully at night.
  36. ELIMINATE / MINIMIZE MOOD SWINGS – Most smokers are irritable creatures and they exhibit extreme mood swings. This is one of the worst things a quitter has to tame during the withdrawal stage. As humans it is quite normal to be irritated once in a while but to smokers, irritation is always beside them.
  37. LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE – I say this based on the articles I read in the Internet. Studies show that quitting smoking will help lower your blood pressure.
  38. LESSEN THE CHANCES OF LUNG CANCER – Of course it’s pretty obvious your chances of developing a lung cancer is very slim if you don’t smoke. Although this is the most important reason why you should quit smoking, again it is the least reason a smoker will want to consider.
  39. MORE TIME FOR EVERYTHING – Try estimating the number of minutes you spend smoking each day. Then calculate it by week. You will be surprised by the amount of time that is being wasted because of smoking. So once you quit, you can turn these unproductive hours into meaningful ones.
  40. EXECRCISE BETTER – As soon as you quit, your body undergoes a fascinating way to heal itself. Within five days, you lungs will start to normalize. You will breathe better and absorb more air than you did when you were a smoker. This will make exercise more fun and easy.
  41. BECOME ACTIVE NOT LETHARGIC – I cannot generalize that all smokers are lethargic but most of them are. I was lethargic person when I was a smoker; I get tire easily and I was always gasping for breath. I hate climbing stairs, I hate long walks, and I hate things that will make me pant like a dog. But now that I am a non-smoker, I like doing the things that I hated before.
  42. SMELL NICE – If you are a non-smoker, you don’t need to spray yourself with cologne or perfume each time you smoke. You don’t need to hide or mask the evil stench of cigarette. You will save a lot of money and you will stop smelling weird. Just try to imagine what it would smell if you spray cologne on a dirty ash tray (yay).
  43. THINK MORE CLEARLY – Without any distractions coming from cravings and urges to smoke, I believe you will think more clearly and focus more with what you are doing. Getting irritable and having anxiety attacks will cloud your judgment.
  44. EAT BETTER – Most smokers don’t enjoy their meal because their mind is preoccupied with smoking. When I was a smoker, I would finish my meal in a few minutes so I could use my remaining time to smoke conveniently.
  45. KISSABLE LIPS – Pretty obvious, smokers’ lips are dark and stained. If you want to make it pretty then quit.
  46. BECOME A SOUGHT AFTER EMPLOYEE – Non-smokers are employees that are sought more by employers than those who do not. Smokers waste a lot of time taking smoke breaks.
  47. START A NEW HOBBY – Starting a hobby is one way to help you quit. This blog started as a hobby nut behind it, it has helped me avoid smoking relapses.
  48. DEVELOP POSITIVE HABITS – Smoking is a habit as well. These two works perfectly together, that it makes quitting SO difficult. And one good way to beat a habit is to replace it with another habit, but this time, replace it with a positive one.
  49. READ THE NEWS WITHOUT DISTRACTION –Newspaper is a trigger smoke activity. Most smokers will need to light up first before reading the papers.
  50. ENJOY COFFEE – Smokers don’t really enjoy drinking coffee. To them, coffee is just an appetizer that makes smoking more pleasurable. This is the reason why most smokers can’t drink coffee without a cigarette. And the people who really enjoy drinking coffee are ones that don’t smoke.
  51. STOP BEING GRUMPY – Most smokers are grumpy people. I was one of them and I am sure most of you are as well. This irritability is usually caused by nicotine deprivation. Once you crave and you are deprived, you become grumpy. Grumpy like my granny when you deprive her of her favorite chocolate. But as soon as you light a cigarette and indulge yourself, everything goes back to normal.
  52. PREVENT EMPHYSEMA – Emphysema is a serious disease. It causes permanent lung damage and there is no cure. This is the last and the most dangerous and scary reason why you should quit smoking. If you reached this part, it only means you have the strength to do it. Now it’s your turn to quit.
  53. OPPORTUNITY TO HELP OTHER SMOKERS QUIT – This is something I dreamt of when I quit smoking so I put up this blog to help other smokers. This blog also serves as my medium where I communicate with other quitters and ex-smokers to give me strength to avoid smoking relapses.
  54. ENJOY LIFE – Be free and be happy.
  55. ENJOY FREEDOM – Live a life free from addiction.

Hopefully these reasons will increase your motivation to quit.

Anything you want to add or any violent reactions, post them below in the comments.

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