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I’m Not That Crazy Stoopid to Go Back Smoking Again


This scary experience was shared by William Smith (not his real name), so scary that it will give you goose bumps but hopefully it will strengthen your desire to quit.

I’m suffering from a terrible headache for the past 5 days.

I’m not taking any medicine since I have reservations using these pain relievers and I don’t want my liver to suffer more damages.

My doctor said this headache should start improving in a day or so. He mentioned to me he had the same case a few years back and his patient improved after 7 days.

The pain started when I quit smoking. During the first two days I was really tempted to light a cigarette believing that nicotine will take away the pain.

But now that I have endured for 5 days, the more I am motivated to continue the path of cleanliness.

The urge is becoming weak and as my sense of smell improves the smell of a burning cigarette is becoming overwhelming. The other side effects of quitting smoking is getting weak as well.

I’m like a pregnant woman who suffers from morning sickness and will throw up on the slight scent of fragrance I despise.

Fast forward, that was 3 months ago.

Now I am enjoying the life of a new born non-smoker.

Call me William Smith and this is my story. Hopefully this story of mine will inspire ye’all would be quitters out there.

I smoked for 30 years before I decided to quit.

It took me that long before I realized how much money I wasted, and how much time I have taken away from my life span.

The decision to quit didn’t just come from my own. Although I have tried quitting before but I always fail.

On the day prior to committing myself to quit, my cousin died from emphysema: A rare incurable disease which is usually developed through years of smoking.

He lived for a year before he drew forth his last breath.

He was so skinny, he was pushing an oxygen tank wherever he goes and you could see that he was fighting his way to survive.

He smoked for 40 years.

One time I visited him. He was crying like a boy. He could hardly sob because he can’t breathe normally. And I could feel his pain each time he tries to inhale.

I consoled him the best I could and he kept on telling how he really regretted smoking. And he begged that I quit; I quit and I should do it the soonest possible time.

Never in my life have I pitied anyone looking at him. I shed a tear or two when I left him.

That was the last time I saw him alive. A few more months and I saw him again in the hospital but this time, life has left his physical body.

I myself was suffering from shortness of breath. And the way I watched my cousin suffer ultimately sparked the desire inside me to quit. And I promised myself not to suffer the same way he did.

So I started looking for resources offline and online. I immersed myself with quit smoking literature. I read the book of Allen Carr so many times I could almost hear the nicotine monster inside me.

Thankfully I found this blog and Rudy was really helpful. It took me a month to change my mind-set. Self-suggestion was a powerful tool and likewise visualization.

When my quit date arrived, I failed. But I didn’t quit, I failed again twice and succeeded the fourth time using cold turkey.

I know for other quitters, cold turkey is an issue.

It was mine too. I tried quitting cold turkey when I was younger but failed to do so.

But after my encounter with my cousin and with what I saw; an old skinny man with tubes going to his nose while pushing an oxygen tank, coughing and crying like a baby…

I tell you, if you saw and experience just what I did and if you feel the goose bumps right now, you will want to quit on that exact same moment.

And if you could hear the whizzing sound of his breath you could feel his pain and suffering.

Being stoopid for 30 years is enough.

Life is too precious to be ruined by filthy cigarettes and right now you have the choice to make a difference to your life.

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