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Your “Why Power” Will Determine If You Will Quit Smoking Successfully or Not


Every smoker will have the desire to quit smoking at one point in their life.

The effects of smoking will eventually show itself as a smoker gets older. In other cases, the negative effects will show earlier due to negative health issues.

The desire to quit alone will not be enough to help a smoker quit.

The smoker’s reason behind WHY he or she wants to quit will be the determining factor if the smoker will succeed or not.

Desire Never Helped Me Quit

My desire to quit smoking began when I realized how bad I smelled. Each time I entered the office, each time I entered the elevator, and each time I entered the car after smoking, I smelled like sh*t.

Since my nose was desensitized with the foul smell of burned cigarettes, I never realized this before.  But when I noticed people covering their noses and hearing negative comments whenever they see me, I must admit how bad I smelled.

And I confirmed this when one time, one of my wo-worker entered the office after smoking outside; my co-worker smelled like a smoke pit. If I want to build back my self-confidence and self-esteem, I need to quit this filthy addiction and habit.

Unfortunately, this desire never helped me quit. Instead, I bought candies and cologne to mask the bad smell on my mouth, skin, and clothing.

The Day I Found My Why

I kept on smoking until one day my breathing was adversely affected. At night I could hardly breathe when I went to sleep and during the daytime, I was wheezing all the time.

This situation made me think about my kids. If I die early, who will support them? I kept asking myself. On that moment, my WHY was born.

I must quit because my kids needed me. So, my journey to quit began. It took me several months before I finally told myself “Enough is enough.” Out of frustration, I quit. I quit and I never looked back. I had some relapses, but I never lost focus on my goal.

Non-Smoker for 12 Years

Last month, July (2021) was my 12th year of being a non-smoker. Looking back, I was able to join marathons, and I have exercised daily since I quit. I have done a lot of other strenuous things which smoking has prevented me to do so before.

Now I am confident that I will watch my kids grow up for a very long time.

So, start building your WHY power. Wishing and desiring alone will not help you quit. Find a strong reason why you need to quit and make that your goal. Become obsessed, and never stop quitting until you kick that sh*tty addiction and habit.

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