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Are Nicotine Replacement or Substitutes Good or Bad


Nicotine replacement or substitute as the term implies are products that contain nicotine, the purpose is to help smokers get rid the habit of smoking cigarettes and gradually quitting in the long run. The most common products are patches and gums. We must try to understand that there are three things that bond the smoker to the slavery of smoking, they are as follows:

  • Addiction
  • Habit
  • Association

Now, these substitutes will take care the addiction by injecting nicotine to the smoker’s body and it’s up to the smoker to control the habit (playing with cigarettes, inhaling, blowing and puffing smoke) and association (activities that will trigger cravings for cigarettes like the urge to smoke right after a meal).

Many Do Not Recommend It

Many authors or therapists do not recommend these stuff in quitting smoking. The most common reason is that why combat nicotine with nicotine itself? They say that a nicotine addict can only be cured by abstaining the substance from the addict’s body who is the smoker. They are right, but when a smoker uses a nicotine replacement or substitute, the other 2 associated with smoking which is habit and association are being controlled. Actually addiction is the least thing a smoker should worry about, the other two, habit and association are the things that makes quitting difficult and this where the replacement and substitute do their work. Well, everyone has a reason of its own, I respect them but in my own opinion and experience, there is nothing wrong in using nicotine replacement or substitute.

It Helped Me Quit

When I finally decided to quit, I was having trouble abstaining from smoking, I just could not quit even for one day on my own free will. You might call me a weakling but it’s the truth, I needed nicotine badly in my body that I could not afford to lose a cigarette by my side. Then I discovered these patches, I told myself if I could just quit for one day, that break could give me the strength I need to quit successfully. So I tried the patches, and it worked, I was able to quit for one day and acquired the break that I need. I continued using patches for 5 days, I did not finish the program then I quit cold turkey and the rest is history.

It Must be Used as a Therapy not a Cigarette Replacement

What I am emphasizing here is that you use these nicotine replacement or substitutes to quit smoking and to fulfill your desire, goal or objective to be free from nicotine addiction and breaking the habit and associations associated with it. BUT if you are going to use these stuff to continue babysitting your nicotine cravings, then you are no better than what you were to what you became to be and will make you even poorer, remember, nicotine substitutes are more expensive than the usual cigarettes.

In My Opinion

I don’t have anything against nicotine substitutes or replacement products, it helped me once and I’ve seen other smokers quit because of these substitutes. Although the number of failures are far greater, the bottom line is you have the option to try them, if it works then good for you but if it doesn’t then find another way. Quitting is a trial and error process and almost all ex-smokers whom I’ve met did not succeed the first time they quit (except my grandma of course) and it’s up to you to find out what really works. You don’t need to try all of those ways to quit smoking, you can read reviews, ask ex-smokers, search the internet and based on your judgment choose that one that best fits your lifestyle, understanding and budget.

Quit Cold Turkey is highly recommended, it is the best and least expensive method of quitting smoking.

Nicotine substitutes are just one of the many aid to help you quit smoking. REMEMBER it is you who is going to quit, it is you who is going to control and it is the strength of your desire that is going to decide if you will be successful or not.

What’s your opinion about these replacement therapy products? Voice them out post a comment.


  1. Hi my name is Aja and I’m a 6 day non- smoker. I am thankful for my neighborhoods free smoke cessation program for providing me these patches. They are working for me. I feel like I am learning how to live without cigarettes successfully. I know that I no longer want them anymore without feeling pressure to smoke. I think that however you quit is a good way just have your mind made up and be strong. As for me no side effects besides a little confidence to kick this habits ass!

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