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How to Quit Smoking Easily by Controlling Mental and Physical Addiction


Quitting smoking is somewhat complicated that most quitters will fail early in their attempts to become non-smokers. Although there are many things or factors you have to consider when you are quitting, we could categorize these factors in to two main categories – physical addiction and mental addiction. Once you know the intricacies of these two you will soon realize that it not at all so difficult stopping smoking.

Mental Addiction

Did you know that one of the most difficult things to do is to convince a full pledge smoker from quitting? It’s like convincing a devote Catholic to change his religion. If you keep on convincing the poor smoker, arguments will soon follow and the more he will smoke to prove to you that smoking is not doing any harm to his body.

An addict will unconsciously defend his addiction and that is a proven fact. But as soon as the smoker feels something bad, as soon as he discovers the huge amount of money that he is spending with cigarettes and as soon as he discovers his blackened teeth, lips and dried, wrinkled face, he will soon realize that smoking is not what he thinks it is, then of course he will develop the desire to quit smoking.

Although that desire is very important, it is not enough to help a smoker quit without strengthening it. Knowing this scenario, at this moment he has to deal with his mental addiction. There are many ways to convince ones’ self to quit smoking and the most common method is autosuggestion or self-suggestion in quitting smoking and this is easily accomplished by saturating the mind about giving up smoking.

This can be done by reading “repeatedly – again and again” articles about quit smoking, eBooks or books, notes, written phrases, audio books, hypnosis, etc. Visualization also helps and as one person keeps on doing this, his desire will be strengthened and his subconscious mind will soon replace the old ideas with the new ones that you have been planting. In short, one must first accept that smoking is bad and that is the first step in dealing with mental addiction.

Once you have dealt with the mental addiction, your physical addiction will go down easily. When facing the symptoms during your withdrawal stage, you have the option to feel bad or to feel joyful. A wound will feel painful even during the healing stage and it is the same with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Instead of saying its very hard fighting these urges, why not say, I am now in the process of detoxifying myself and freeing my mind and body from slavery.

Physical Addiction

Physical addiction is simply the dependence of your physical body to nicotine. This is the easiest thing to deal with and you could easily train your body to stand on its own again without nicotine. Why? Because the withdrawal symptoms associated with it are not serious or harmful. You will not shiver, sweat profusely or experience weird hallucinations. Generally it will not cause any serious harm to your body aside from some simple quit smoking side effects. I guess this is the main reason why nicotine is a legal drug in this world.

You could sleep peacefully in the night and abstain from taking in any nicotine for many hours and you won’t find yourself any different when you wake up in the morning. You could take several hours of exam without smoking and your body will be no different after the exams. Or you could watch a movie and if you are so engrossed with what you are watching you won’t even bother to go out to light a cigarette.

How to Quit Smoking

So applying the typical examples stated above, you won’t have any problems dealing with your body’s dependence to nicotine. If you could maintain the mind-set of a non-smoker once more, then everything will be easy. But the problem lies in training our mind to become a normal being and that is dealing with mental addiction.

It’s up to you to become an optimist to see that the bottle is half full instead in becoming a pessimist that sees the bottle as half empty. It is up to you to see the withdrawal stage as a way to make you free or a way to make your life a misery. It’s all up to you my friend; I was once a smoker and I quit successfully after several months of battle. Like what my older brother always says, we are old enough to know what is right and what is wrong and strong enough to do the right things in life.

Trust us, you can do it, make the withdrawal stage a moment of joy and freedom, control your mental addiction, don’t fight it, rule it out because you are the ruler of your own body, mind and life. You are in control of your body and you are the king, and no one will control over you unless you allow it! There is an easy way to quit smoking and that is to change your way of belief about smoking.

Knowing how to quit smoking is very easy if you will just give time to think about it, yes you can quit, say that a hundred times and things will change in your favor.

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  1. An interesting fact about the physical addiction of nicotine is that it only takes about 72 hours for your body to completely rid itself from nicotine. From then on, it’s purely psychological.


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