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Use Autosuggestion to Quit Smoking for Good


Autosuggestion also known as self-suggestion has been debated throughout the years if you could really change your life and become what you want to become by using thoughts and repeated actions.

Questions have been raised if it works or not but based on my research, people whom I have spoken to, articles and books I’ve read, I guess the system of autosuggestion really works and because of this, you can harness it to help you quit smoking for good.

Autosuggestion is the process of changing your belief, altering mental associations and providing instructions for your mind to follow by manipulating the subconscious mind by feeding it with repetitive thoughts and actions.

So in short autosuggestion is simply like hypnotism, but unlike hypnotism where the suggestions are coming from another person, this time the suggestions will be provided by the individual himself, thus also called self-suggestion.

There are many well known stories, countless of them on how people changed their life through this process. You may have heard about the The Secret a movie about harnessing the power of autosuggestion in order to obtain what you want; it may be love, happiness, wealth, health or anything that you desire.

By constantly thinking about it especially the end results, seeing yourself already the person whom you vision to be, it will soon materialize in its physical form making your dreams come true. Now are you fired up to use autosuggestion to quit smoking for good?

The only book I know that has explained the step by step procedure of autosuggestion bringing actual results is a book by Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich (it’s a good book), it’s so general that you could apply it to any aspect in your life. I won’t be able to discuss here step by step on how to do it by I’ll do my best to explain and expound it so you could grasp the principles behind it.

First, set a date when are you going to quit. Then write down an affirmation statement (I’ve placed an example below), then read this statement several times each day specially during the time you wake up and during the time before you go to sleep, read, read and read until you can feel that it’s already happening in your life.


I, Rudy, hereby declare that on this day (set a date), I will be an ex-smoker. I will have a healthy life and will be able to save money that I can use productively. My family will be safe from secondhand smoke , I will smell good and I will earn the respect of my community and society once again.

In return, I will do my best to quit smoking permanently, it will become my passion and obsession. I will read quit smoking books, articles, eBooks, subscribe to this blog and do other activities that will help me quit. I will do everything at all cost to quit.

I am now an ex-smoker and I will never again live the life of a miserable smoker.

Next, visualize that you are already an ex-smoker, see yourself declining other people offering you cigarettes, see yourself smelling good and not stinky, see yourself saving a bunch of money, see yourself happily exercising breathing easily and smoothly, be creative and always keep these thoughts in your mind.

While you work, while you eat, while you walk and while you drive (just make sure it won’t cause any accidents), visualize yourself living the life of an ex-smoker.

Most importantly, you should believe (don’t doubt) that everything will come true and soon you will be surprised once you find yourself that you have quit smoking for good successfully.

This process helped me a lot most especially during my relapse. Not only did I carry with me an affirmation statement, I also carried with me excerpts from the book of Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking (I highly recommend this book). Although this book did not helped me when I first quit, it proved helpful during my relapse.

And each time the urge or temptation present themselves, I find myself reading my affirmation statement and the excerpts I copied and sure did it work.

So now before I end this post, I know how really you want to quit, I can only give you the motivation and resources to quit but you have to quit on your own, but don’t worry, this blog will always be here when you need motivation. Don’t be afraid, believe in yourself, join us, make the commitment, quit smoking today!

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  1. Absolutely! Use affirmations and visualizations of yourself as a non-smoker to create the image within your mind that you’re a non-smoker. Repeat the affirmations and visualizations daily. That simple effort will have an accumulating effect, and your efforts will make it easier to put down the cigarettes forever.

  2. The information in this article is very accurate. Auto suggestion truly does work and it’s imperative to “visualize yourself living the life of an ex-smoker. Most importantly, you should believe (don’t doubt) that everything will come true.”

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