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This is a guest pot submitted by Jennifer Froggatt.

Addiction can come in many forms, smoking being one of the most common. Around 70% of all smokers want to stop smoking but feel they are unable to. You may of tried quitting before but didn’t quite manage it, but don’t let that stop you trying again. It may take a few attempts but as a smoker giving up the fags will be the greatest step to improving your health. You can slash your chances of developing health conditions such as lung cancer.

There are many reasons why you may choose to quit smoking, it may be for health reasons, aesthetic reasons or for social reasons. Or for many cigarettes are burning a big hole in their wallets. Someone who has smoked 20 fags a day for 10 years will of spent approximately £20,000 on those little white sticks, and what do they have to show for their money? Nothing apart from maybe a smokers cough.

There are many aids out there to help you kick the habbit. It’s just managing to find the one that is right for you. Some try patches, gum or just go cold turkey. One aid that is growing in popularity is hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy works by using different techniques such as positive suggestion and affirmations. Basically, a hypnotherapist will find out why you smoke, what triggers your need for nicotine. You may smoke when in certain situations such as drinking with friends, or out for a meal. They will then communicate with your sub-conscience mind to change your reactions to these situations and help you stop craving cigarettes.

In order for hypnotherapy to work you do not need to be unconscious, you just need to be placed in a very deeply relaxed state. You are still aware of what is happening around you. It is impossible to hypnotise someone against their will. In order to be hypnotised you will have to be open to the idea of hypnotherapy. If you are hypnotised you are able to reject any suggestion that is made to you, if you feel it won’t help. Hypnotherapy is natural and safe method to stop smoking, with no harmful side effects.

Finding a hypnotherapist can get complicated though, this is why the Hypnotherapy Directory was started. The site is a network of UK qualified and insured hypnotherapists. You can search by your postcode, town or county to find help in your area. To find out more about how hypnotherapy can help with smoking why not visit today? Follow the link above Hypnotherapy Directory, this is a free and confidential service for all to use.


  1. It’s great that you exposed some of the myths of hypnosis here. It’s a powerful tool, but many people misunderstand it.

    You mention “a hypnotherapist will find out why you smoke” and then “they will then communicate with your subconscious mind to change your reactions.” That’s the key to good hypnotherapy – finding out *why* you smoke, and then addressing those reasons in the subconscious mind!

    For most people, the problem is not that they don’t have the willpower – they do – it’s that the unconscious habit of smoking always wins out over the conscious will to stop. Simply put, while *you* believe that you don’t want to smoke, your subconscious mind is firmly convinced that you’re a smoker.

    The goal of hypnosis – in treating any condition, not just smoking – is to get the unconscious mind in agreement with the conscious. That way, *all* parts of you want to stop, and it becomes quite easy.

    But yes, it starts with the conscious will to stop. If you don’t *want* to stop, nothing is going to work for you, be it hypnosis, the patch, gum, anything…

    A good hypnosis program will help you to achieve what you consciously want to achieve but just can’t seem to accomplish, and in the case of smoking, will also leave behind some suggestions on how to overcome symptoms of withdrawal, how to replace the “habits” of smoking with other, more healthy habits, and how to effectively deal with stress – without reaching for that cigarette.

    Hypnosis truly is a powerful technique to stop smoking. Thanks for the great, illuminating guest post!

  2. I appreciate you for taking a good step for a good cause. I hope people can understand the hazards of smoking. Smoking is very dangerous!

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