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What Would Happen if You Did Quit Smoking?


This is a guest post submitted by Paul Brickhill.

If you’re considering quitting smoking, one little way we can help ourselves is to define the benefits before we quit. This enables us to know what we can look forward to and to experience in order to help the overall process in stopping and to help facilitate the process of getting through any cravings or withdrawals by knowing these benefits. A handy way of doing this is to grab a little notepad and pen, and start to brainstorm all the potential benefits that would arise and more importantly, that would motivate you to continue to quit smoking. For some, it’s important to realize all the money that is saved by not smoking, for other’s less so. If it is, think about the potential holiday you can take at the end of the year with all the money you’ve saved.

What about all the energy you’ll now have, what will this mean for you? Can you now pick up a new hobby? Or choose to do something that you’ve been putting off, like joining a gym? For others independence is important, knowing and experiencing the fact that they’re not now beholden to cigarettes or dead tobacco leaves any longer and this can provide a tremendous feeling of liberation and lightness. There are many potential reasons, make sure you write down as many as you can think of – this little brain storming session will help you during the quitting period. Here are some other benefits that may help motivate you and keep you on the quit smoking track.

Quitting Smoking Benefits Path.

Here listed are some of the key benefits you’ll experience as soon as you quit smoking.

  • After a period of 12 hours from stopping smoking, all the nicotine will be out of your system. Your body will have started the process of also flushing out other poisons and toxins.
  • After a period of 24 hours from stopping, the level of carbon monoxide in your bloodstream will have severely reduced.
  • After five days from stopping, all the byproducts of nicotine will have been flushed out the body.
  • Within a period of a month, your blood pressure will return to normal levels and your immune system will have begun to show positive signs of recovery. Helping your body to fight off potential illness and disease.
  • Within a two month period, the lungs will no longer produce excessive phlegm caused by the act of smoking.
  • After a twelve month period, the risk of heart disease and dying from it is halved compared to present day smokers.
  • After ten years, the risk of lung cancer is more than half that of a current smoker and continues to drop over the following years provided the disease isn’t already present.
  • And after fifteen years, the risk of a stroke and or heart attack is nearly exactly the same as an individual who hasn’t smoked before.


  1. I am once a smoker and definitely there are a lot more benefits you will get when you quit smoking rather than continuing the habit.

  2. Hi,
    Im a chain smoker for past 2 years, this blog is very useful for me in quitting smoke. Thank you. Thumbs up the information was very useful for me

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