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Quit Smoking for Three Reasons


I am an ex-smoker and I know, all the reasons they told me about the effects of smoking in my health and the money that I could save just didn’t help me out in quitting.  So I won’t say anything about avoiding cancer or saving tons of money, because those things are not in the vocabulary of a smoker.  When I was smoking heavily before (20-30 sticks a day) I never feared lung cancer or even cared for the money I was spending with cigarettes.  Even when I was sick, with a cough or cold, I still reached out for those filthy cigarettes.  Hopefully, with the reasons I am about to say will motivate you in quitting.

Smoking Stinks

I am an ex-smoker so don’t ever tell me that the smell of cigarettes are acceptable, they are not.  It stinks, try to imagine the smell of a smoke pit each time you open your mouth when you speak with someone.  Your fingers smell bad even if you wash them often and the smell won’t go easily.  Your clothes, your hair and even your home if your smoking inside the house, all of these stinks.  This was one of the reason that convinced me in quitting, each time I enter the office after a smoke break, wow, you could see people covering their noses, and I was ashamed to speak with anyone and I need to gargle a mouthwash first.

Smokers are Losing Social Acceptance

Believe it or not, the cowboy days are over.  Gone are the days where men smoke because they think it makes them tougher, it projects their manhood, it makes them cool but in fact they smell like shit and always catching up their breath.  Gone are the days when women smoke because they think they become part of a social group when they smoke, but in fact they are not.  In many countries smokers’ rights are very limited.  Restaurants, Malls, and other establishments, smoking area are getting smaller and smaller and some prohibits smoking totally.  Even in airports, smokers are contained inside a small cubicle if they want to smoke.  I tried once entering this cubicle to light one cigarette, you can hardly breathe inside, it’s really disgusting what this vice can do to you.

You are a Drug Addict

Smokers are no different from drug addicts, they are actually a drug addict.  Nicotine is a drug and smokers are dependent with this stuff.  Did you know that nicotine is more addictive than heroine?  If allowed, one cigarette alone can get you hooked for the rest of your life.  As an addict, you have to suffer withdrawal symptoms.  You will panic each time you see your running out of cigarettes.  You will go out at night no matter what just to buy those cigarettes.  You will borrow money just to buy these filthy addictive stuff.  They are precious, you will sacrifice your own self respect just to suppress your urge to feed your body with nicotine.

With these reasons mentioned, think twice or thrice before buying another pack of cigarette.  It’s not easy to quit but with the proper conditioning of the mind everything becomes “smooth and easy” contradicting but it’s true.  I just quit last 14th of July, the withdrawal symptoms are now very weak and the association of things from smoking are now easily controllable.

This is the third time I quit and it will be the last, if you really want to quit, trust me you can do it, we can do it.  Hundreds of people are quitting each day around the globe, aside from those who are dying of course, many are successfully doing it.  If they can, if I can, so can you.  These blog are for smokers and ex-smokers alike, let’s quit smoking for good.

Are you an ex-smoker, please tell us your story, let’s help smokers quit.

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