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How to Quit Smoking – Practice Makes Perfect


On the day I finally decided to quit smoking for good in 2006; on my first try I was able to quit consciously and on my own free will for 5 hours without smoking, and if you are a heavy smoker like me you could imagine how long that period was. Of course, there were involuntary times that keep you from smoking like when I travelled almost half way across the globe from Dubai to Hong Kong and travel time was 9 hours which means no smoking within that period. But when you quit on your won, it is entirely different; different in the sense that withdrawal symptoms become so severe you could loudly hear yourself talking to you tempting you to smoke and when you resist it, the tug of war begins.

Practice Until You Succeed

It took 3 weeks of constant practice before I was able to quit successfully for 1 day consciously and on my own free will and it took another 3 months of practice to free myself from the slavery of smoking completely. Learning to cope up when the temptation of smoking is at its strongest is a must. You must try to counter attack it when it gives all it has to tempt you and if you ever overcome that kind of temptation; trust me, the second time around will be very easy, until one day comes and quitting is as easy as counting 1-2-3. Try to make a list, what are the things that causes or reminds you to smoke, list them down and at the opposite write some things you can do to replace something instead of smoking. Example like answering a phone, quarrel with someone, stress, boredom, reading, thinking, etc. instead of smoking you can go walking, talk to someone who doesn’t smoke, go to a strictly prohibited smoking area until the urge subsides. Be creative, come on, your life, your time, your money and your stinking self is at stake here, do something.

Your Mind Makes It Difficult

Proper conditioning of the mind is extremely important, quitting is not painful, REMEMBER that. When you are in the withdrawal stages, always remind yourself that it’s just a cleaning process, it won’t last long and it’s not painful. What makes it difficult to quit during withdrawal period are the things associated with it and it’s up to you to replace it something else rather than smoking. When you feel smoking because you had a quarrel, drink a soda or water, or eat something, keep your mouth busy and keep on telling yourself that you don’t need a smoke and the urge will go away. DON’T fight urges, don’t reason with it, when you feel the temptation coming, words whispering, make yourself busy, do something.

When you have decided to quit, decide for good. Don’t let go of your goal, quitting is different for everyone. Some can quit cold turkey immediately while others needs time like me, but the bottom line is you QUIT! Trust me, you won’t die in quitting rather you will live longer if you succeed in quitting.


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