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This story was shared by Cheryl.

I have quit smoking multiple times, I have used the patches, the pills, cold turkey for up to 5 years. And for whatever reason, I fall back. As many, I said NYE (New Year’s Eve) would be my last. But as I snubbed out the one and the only smoke I had today, I came to this site. I am so tired of this bondage. And I have even asked God to release me, and for over 3000 hours, of which I documented on my calendar, I was freed from it. But for whatever reason, I slipped up again.

Thanks to his Grace, I know he hasn’t changed his feelings for me cause of my weakness. But I want to quit, I have been in the medical profession for many years, and I know its effect. So that makes me doubly ashamed. I don’t know why I fall back, but I am not, and I say that with vehemence, I will NOT give up. So here I am, praying for success, and looking to others like myself, that I can and will overcome this demon, called cigarettes. So I thank each contributor for your input, and I have gotten tools already.

As of the last flame that died I am now going to release this from my life. I know I am stronger than a little paper wrapped pile of weeds, grass, or twigs. So Good luck and God Bless each of you who are now (an ex-smoker) and (I send) my prayers for you and myself, smoke free, and he who is free, is free indeed.

*** Thank you for sharing your story and experience Cheryl. To help you fight smoking relapse, the same with those who are feeling this way, don’t envy someone who smokes, rather show pity on him. Why, because his health is at risk, he coughs pretty often, his skin is full of wrinkles, his teeth are stained, he smells bad, he is suffering from panic attacks, he is trying to budget his hard earned money, he is irritable when he cannot smoke and he is and will always be a nicotine addict unless he stops his addiction.

You are already a non-smoker and non-smokers do not need nicotine to live their lives normally. Keep in mind that smoking is bad, it is not relieving your stress, it is not making you relaxed, focused, comfortable nor happy. Remove those lies in your mind and you will become a non-smoker for life.

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Thank you again Cheryl for sharing your story. If you want to share your experience or story please read our guidelines.


  1. Great to hear your story Cheryl. With enough motivation, belief, and the right attitude I guarantee you can do it! Not that long ago I thought I’d probably end up smoking for the rest of my life. That changed quickly with a simple change in the way I looked at smoking.

    I hope you can find success as well! Good luck!

  2. Hey Cheryl,

    Thank you for sharing your story. Today is my 12th day without cigarettes and I know how challenging it is to quit. I work from home, so every time that I have a craving I go and brush my teeth! I know it sounds crazy, but it occupies me for about the same amount of time as a cigarette and also involves my mouth and hands just like smoking. When I get done, my mouth feels so fresh that I can’t stand the thought of putting smoke in it. I am getting really white teeth now and getting close to 2 weeks smoke free. I hope that you can find success too. Don’t give up!

  3. Really enjoyed reading your blog post

    I too was a heavy smoker in my early teens ( 15 ) but was able to give it up. This was over 25 years ago
    I would like to share some words of wisdom to your readers who may need some help in giving up smoking

    My first tip is to always remember to celebrate your successes along the way. Quitting smoking is the big deal, do not trivialize it.

    Be specific with your family and friends about the type of help or support that you want from them. Do not allow them to cause you to make a decision that you are not fully comfortable with.

    The symptoms of grumpiness and personality changes usually do not dissipate completely until after the first two weeks. Make sure that you make your family and friends fully aware of what they may experience as you withdraw from nicotine and tobacco.

    Stay busy and active during this process. If you are able to go to the movies, go to public places where smoking is normally not allowed, involve yourself in activities that require fine motor skills such as gardening, knitting or quilting as well as connecting with friends and family you’ll be more likely to stave off feelings of boredom and increase the likelihood of success.

    Hope this helps !


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