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How to Stop Smoking the Easy Way


Is there an easy way to stop smoking? Yes there is, finish this article to find out!

If you are planning to stop smoking successfully, there are two options available for you. You could either quit smoking with the goal of quitting smoking or you could quit smoking because you want to become a non-smoker. This might be sound confusing but I’ll do my best to differentiate them and help you quit your nicotine addiction for good.

Although there may be various reasons why smokers decide to stop smoking, you can look at quitting smoking in two ways as I have mentioned above. The first motive why smokers quit is because they want to quit smoking. And when I say quit smoking, their reason maybe to save money, to gain back their respect, to gain back their good looks, to maintain their health, or maybe just simply to cure their coughs. This is the most common reasons why smokers want to quit; these reasons are great ways to acquire the needed motivation for you to quit. But once one of these reasons or benefits has been acquired, soon they find themselves smoking again. Take alone financial reason, a smoker will quit because his finances cannot afford it but once he gets a raise or other income, then the chances of going back to his addiction goes back. Why is this so?!

Quitting smoking just because you want to stop smoking will never remove the brainwashing that was planted in your mind. You can quit successfully but if your mind still keeps on telling you that smoking is good, it relaxes you and make you comfortable, the chances of a relapse is great. This is also the reason why the rate of failure is great among smokers who want to quit. Why? Because smokers will always envy the people who smoke each time they see them. They still believe that smoking will relieve their stress, it will make them more focused and concentrated; in short they believe that cigarettes are their friend.

My friend once told me that he finds it hard to quit smoking because he drools each time he see someone smoke (sounds familiar LOL)… Well, I told him because you envy them, you must strive to become a non-smoker and remove the fallacies in your mind.

The other way of quitting smoking is you want to stop smoking because you want to become a non-smoker. This is the right way, you should plant in your mind deep that you are quitting smoking because you want to change your life and become a non-smoker once more. Once you have quit successfully with this reason then the other benefits will follow. This is the right approach on how to stop smoking the easy way.

Once you want to become a non-smoker the rest will be easy. Even during the withdrawal period. You will no longer find (false) joys in smoking because you become a non-smoker once you throw your last pack of cigarette.

So once you feel that your health is deteriorating and find your pocket always empty, and you are now  highly motivated to stop smoking, do it because you want to become a non-smoker once again. You want yourself to return back to the time before you started lighting your first cigarette. But before you can do this successfully you have to remove the brainwashing that is in your mind.

You have to remove the lies and fallacies that were acquired because of your addiction to nicotine. By knowing the benefits of quitting smoking make these things motivate you. Smoking is your enemy; it is killing you softly and robbing away your hard earned money. Try to observe the non-smokers around you, they will never even for once try to light a cigarette unless they have been tempted to light one. Non-smoker don’t need cigarettes to function normally, they are living a normal life. They are facing all the worries in life by their own. Smokers on the other hand are making their life more stressful by encountering smoking urges and nicotine withdrawal symptoms each day in their life.

If you want to learn how to stop smoking the easy way, then strive to become a non-smoker. The withdrawal stage will become easy once you have removed the brainwashing in your mind. And each time you see someone smoking, you will no longer envy him or her because you are already a non-smoker. Instead you will pity seeing smokers as they buy cigarettes in groceries pulling their hard earned money from there wallet. You will pity them each time you see smokers cough, each time you see them irritable because they cannot smoke and you will pity them because they are addicted to nicotine.

So if you have come to your senses to stop smoking permanently for whatever reasons you may have, then do it! Remove the wrong beliefs you were made to believe and become the next happy non-smoker once you finish your last and final cigarette.

Remove the fears and doubts! You will not die without those cigarettes, quitting smoking side effects will not harm you, rather you will live longer by becoming a non-smoker once more.


  1. 791 Hours plus some later, I am smoke action liberated. I am still from time to time mind tempted. I continue to look to the mountains from which comes my strength. I continue to speak to my addiction, my mind..I will not be controlled by you. You stinky, expensive little clump of weeds wrapped in bleached paper! Oh yeah…I talk to yell at and demean the demon. I acknowledged it as an idol. When I have had to make a choice between a gallon of milk for my cereal or a pack of inexpensive nasty smokes. And the smokes won. I realized it was my idol. When the fear that of losing my time with my granddaughters because I died from lung cancer, or a heart attack entered my mind. I would rebuke the urge again and louder. I pray for others who fight this demon. I pray for myself that I remain strong. I find the mountain has sent down strength time and time again. THANK YOU GOD FOR BEING A LARGE MOUNTAIN!!

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