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Nicotine Replacement Therapy Products are They Good or Bad (Find Out the Truth)


NRT products helped me quit smoking.

If Allen Carr was cured by being hypnotized, I was able to get hold of my addiction using the nicotine patch.

Today’s trend in quitting smoking is slowly becoming a marketing fuzz. Everywhere you look, you will see those eye-catchy stop smoking aids ads promising the smoothest and most painless way to become smoke-free.

Turning the pages of your local paper and you will find coupons for some quit smoking aid or accessories. You can’t help but notice that everyone seems to have a handful of the best products to quit smoking.

Will they work for you? Let’s find out.

The following are just well known (stop smoking aids) NRT and prescription drugs being offered in the market but before you start using them it is best and we recommend that you consult first with your physician.

Nicotine Patch

NicoDerm CQ is a great brand for this product. It is actually the one I used that helped me quit the first time. Some nicotine patches are only available with a prescription; others can be bought over the counter. The strength usually determines if a prescription is required. Popular brands include Nicoderm, Prostep, Nicotrol and Habitrol.

Nicotine Gum

Nicorette is a popular brand under this category. This helped me during my first and second relapses. These are over the counter chewable gums that are available just about anywhere. This drug delivers nicotine to your body as you consume them. This is very helpful when you are having difficulties coping up with withdrawal symptoms brought by nicotine. Nicotine is absorbed through the tissues in your mouth.

Nicotine Nasal Spray

Nicotrol NS is under this one. Ask your doctor for a prescription if you want to try this nasal spray. This type of product delivers the most nicotine inside your body compared with other NRT products. This is helpful especially to heavy smokers who really cannot control their urge to smoke. And because it is delivered via spray, it delivers nicotine in your system very fast.


A medicated candy aims to cut the desire to light a smoke. A popular lozenge variation is the Commit lozenge, which acts like a cough drop that provides controlled doses of nicotine. Some lozenges release small amount of nicotine (usually controlled) in order to help suppress the urge to smoke.

Bupropion SR

These are prescription drugs or medications in the form of Zyban, Wellbutrin, and Budeprion SR. These drugs actually are used to treat depression and help smokers quit their addiction to nicotine by altering certain chemicals in the brain. They have antidepressant properties that alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Side effects are expected when using these types of drugs.

For most people, they are heaven-sent; others feel that they are just another over hype product ready to rip someone’s wallet of.  Then again, we feel that we still need to discuss them to help you choose which one of them might help you get started. Although quitting cold turkey may be considered the cost effective way to quit smoking, sadly it is not for everyone.

These stop smoking aids – NRT and prescription antidepressant drugs are NOT designed for long-term use. While you are at it, you are expected to deal with your psychological aspects and the medicine works by downsizing the withdrawal symptoms.

Take note that electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are not FDA approved medication in quitting smoking. Makers of e-cigs are geared up in replacing the usual tobacco cigarettes and are not trying to help the smoker quit his addiction to nicotine as it can be seen and heard in their advertisements.

We reiterate that these medicines are not intended to be the sole method to successfully quit smoking, but rather as an aid to boost other cessation strategies that deals directly with the psychological aspects of a person. Your determination and desire to quit will still be the deciding factor.

If you are confused on what product to use, send me an email and I will reply with my best advice. You can also consult your doctor or health practitioner to give you the best option in choosing the right product.

Don’t be jealous with non-smokers (ex-smokers) who have quit cold turkey. It is true that “cold turkey” is the least expensive way to quit smoking but like I always say, it is not for everyone.

You might disagree but each individual has its own way of dealing with nicotine addiction. I myself could not quit using “cold turkey method” and resorted using nicotine replacement therapy (nicotine patch) and helped me a in becoming a non-smoker.

So whatever method you use, the end results is what matters most – save your life and your money – become the next non-smoker today!


  1. Allen Carr said clearly in his book that he quitted in spite of the hypnotherapist, not because of him.
    Before protesting, do yourself and your readers a favour and go read again… Really… Page 15.
    English is obviously not your first language, as it is not mine either, but at least make an effort and find Carr’s book in your mother tongue or ask someone to help you understand the english version. Really, it’s a waste of time to discuss the subject again before you do that.
    After you show me where did Allen Carr write he “was cured by being hypnotized”, please send me that book – I’ll cover the shipping and the cost of the book – and I’ll eat it page by page and post a video on YouTube, then send you the link.
    Really, please consider stopping writing such misleading things without documenting them thoroughly.
    You’re not helping anybody, you’re confusing smokers. And you’re teaching them to stay addicted to nicotine.

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